October 29, 2020

As I Lay Dying Singer Tim Lambesis Charged with Attempt to Murder

Tim Lambesis has been officially charged by San Diego County police for conspiring to get his own wife eliminated. He was arrested on Tuesday when it became clear after an investigation that Tim was trying to solicit the services of a private detective to get his wife murdered. For those who do not know Tim Lambeisis is a singer in the band As I Lay Dying which has been nominated for Grammy once. Police arrested him in South California in a sting operation while he was shopping.

Tim Lambesis Charged with Attempt to Murder

According to a statement issued by San Diego County Sheriff’s department, Tim has been found guilty as he hired the services of another man to kill his own wife. Meggan Lambesis, the wife of the singer, has filed for divorce in September 2012 and lives in Encinitas, California. Tim Lambesis happens to be the founding member of the heavy metal band group As I Lay Dying that was formed in the year 2000 in San Diego. There have been in total 6 albums from the band so far and it got nominated for Grammy in 2008 for its song Nothing Left.


The band was quick to separate itself from this messy situation and in a statement issued for the fans, the members of the band, though they expressed solidarity with Tim, were quick to wash their hands saying they were waiting for the things to clear up. As I Lay Dying is a Christian band with all five members being Christians. Tim has on occasions tried to justify the songs of the band saying that though they may sound harsh, all of them seal with Christian theme of struggle and fforgiveness.  


Tim has been arrested and kept at Vista Detention Facility. He will be formally charged on Thursday and produced before the court of the District Attorney in san Diego.