October 28, 2020

Ashley Riggitano- NY Designer Plunged to her Death from G. Washington Bridge

Ashley Riggitano a young jewelry designer jumped to her death yesterday from George Washington Bridge, living her Louis Vuitton handbag with a personal diary that included the list of names of the girls she didn’t want to assist to her funeral.

Ashley Riggitano pic

According to people close to Ms. Riggitano she had a history of bullying by her five of her so-call fashion friends, she might have hinted another a particular male who mistreated her, unlike her tormentors this undefined man has been invited to Riggitano’s funeral; according to Ashley’s words she hoped he gets what he deserves, when he gets there.

Along Ashley notes inside her designer bag, Adderall (used for ADPD) and Klonopin (used for panic disorder and epilepsy)  was found inside, Riggitano had tied to kill herself at least once in the past. She turned 22 on the same day she ended her short life.

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Ashley Riggitano pictureAshley Riggitano

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