December 3, 2020

Benjamin Benalloul is Sonja Morgan’s 23-Year-Old Boyfriend! (photos, job, wiki, pic)

Meet Benjamin Benalloul here! Benjamin Benalloul is Sonja Morgan’s 23-year-old boyfriend now! Sonja Morgan, the Real Housewives of New York City star, 49 years old now, is now dating the 23 year old real estate developer. He split from her ex-husband who is 82-year-old in 2008.

Benjamin Benalloul photo

What’s Benjamin Benalloul’s job? Though he is only 23 years old, Benjamin Benalloul seems to be successful in his career. Now he works as the principal at Portman Realty Management. He has been worked there for 1 and half years. Previously he works as the vice president of “the weeks lerman group”

Benjamin Benalloul and Sonja’s relationship began when they met each other through mutual family friends and then they started dating each other.

Benjamin Benalloul photos

The couple seems to be in good relationship, no matter their age gap.

“I’m dating again, He’s an old soul.”

Sonja Morgan explained why she is choosing 23-year-old boyfriend because.

“He’s charming and wise beyond his years. I’m certainly enjoying my time with him. Any girl would love to spend time with him.”

rsvp restaurant launch 080512(pic from radaronline)