February 26, 2021

Bolice Van Hise is Cannibal Michael Van Hise’s Wife

As shocking as this might sound Michael Van Hise’s wife Bolice Van Hise said her husband is a big teddy bear,  know wouldn’t hurt a soul, even less her daughter who he planned to keep as a sex slave an her nieces who he planned to eat,  she knew about his  kinky ways and even allow him to do some of kinky stuff to her. Michael Van Hise has been  prosecuted for plotting to kidnapped, killed and eat over 100 women along former NYPD cannibal cop Gilberto Valle.

Bolice Van Hise Michael Van Hise wife picture

22-year-old Bolice M. Van Hise from Trenton, New Jersey was born on October 09, 1990. She is a mother of three (one from a previous relationship) and has been married to Michael Van Hise for three year, she has known her husband for over 10 years. Together they have two children their one-month-old  baby girl and their 2-year-old son son.

Bolice said she was well aware of her husband’s twisted mind and sex fetish, she knew and was fine with  him searching the web in all of the kinky sites he usually saw every day, she knew about the out of line text messages and even let him tied her up and choked while in bed together.

“I was cool with it. It’s disturbing, but you’ve got to accept your partner’s flaws in a marriage. I’m not perfect. He’s not perfect.”

“They’re making him into a monster that he’s not,”

Girl! your man’s issues were not flaws, he is crazy!! I wonder if Bolice Van Hise thinks the same of her man now that she knows he was planning to make a sex slave out of her eldest daughter who is just three and kidnapped and killed and eat her little nieces??

There is no bigger blind than the one who refuses to see what is going on right in front of  their noses, because Bolice said her daughter a sex save and hurting her nieces was “all in his imagination”, there was no way he would never hurt them in any way, oh really??

“They make him out to be a monster. He’s not. He’s as hard-core as a baby. When he’s around kids, he becomes a kid,”

Prosecutors in Van Hise’s case said he send pictures of his wife Bolice’s two nieces ages 7 and 9 as well as one her three-year-old daughter, he also send the nieces’ home address, he is being held without bail.

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