January 16, 2021

Bonnie Lunt Madame Anna Gristina Gorr’s Bail Taker

Anna Gristina Gorr aka the Manhattan Madam was released from Rikers Island after spending four months in jail on a $2million bond, that she tried to reduce on four occasions. It was until recently that the judge reduce her bond to $250.000. The person who came out with that sum of cash was Anna Gristina’s long time friend and renown  philanthropist Bonnie Lunt.


65-year-old Bonnie Lunt a close friend of Mrs.Gorr and her sister Peggy for more than 30 years, she was the person who paid the $250.000 bond that got her out of jail where she had been since she was arrested on February 23 for running a prostitution ring in Manhattan, according to her it was not a brothel but a high class escort service.

Bonnie Lunt is the president of Bonnie Lunt Management created on October 1980 has given top executive jobs to thousand of women, the site described as an Executive search firm specializing in high end search in the marketing services industry.

Besides this Mrs. Lunt is a renown philanthropist. She collaborated with People Helping People during Hurricane Katrina, the Azama project, among others.

Bonnie studied at Amity Regional Senior high in Woodbridge, Connecticut, She then studied human resources at Endicott College in Beverly Hills, Massachusetts and serves on the board at advertising training ground the Miami Ad School . She currently is divorce and resides in Manhattan, not far from Anna Gristina Gorr allegedly ran her brothel.

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Anna Gristina Gorr released from Jail pics below

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