January 20, 2021

Bui Huy Toan Is Napalm Girl Kim Phuc’s Husband

Bui Huy Toan is the husband of Kim Phuc, who you might remember as the little girl from Vietnam in that back ad white picture taken by Pulitzer Prize winning photographer, Nick Ut, she is Goodwill Ambassador and he is that great man and we can tell you a few interesting things about him.

Kim Phuc  husband

June 8th 1972 was the year when Bui Huy Toan’s wife was  just a nine year-old girl running  in the streets of the village of of Trang Bang in South Vietnam, crying naked (after her clothes disintegrated  from the fire) just a few steps behind her older brother after their village was attacked with napalm bombs. She survived even though doctors said her burns were no severe (30% of her body).

She met her husband Bui Huy Thoi in 1986 when she moved to Cuba to study medicine after she was removed  from the University in China. She never expect any man to find her attractive, because of her scars but one man find her even prettier because of them.

Toan also from Vietnam was a student in Cuba got married to the beautiful Medicine student in 1992, they travelled to Moscow for their honeymoon, but never made it back to Cuba, instead they asked for political asylum to Canada where their plane back from Moscow  made a stop for fuel.

They are today Canadian citizens living free and happy in Ajax, Ontario with their two beautiful children Thomas and Stephen, and his in-laws who moved to Canada in 1996.

But the story doesn’t ends here, Bui Thoi helps his wife in her foundation helping children of war, together they traveled all over the world and tell people about their story, when they are not around their children stayed home with their grandparents

Some of their photographs are below as well as the video of Kim as a nine year-old when  her village was attack and another where you can heard Kim’s story from her own lips.

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