October 21, 2020

Chaz Ebert is Film Critic Roger Ebert’s Wife (Photos, wiki)

Chaz Ebert is the wife of Roger Ebert, the acclaimed film critic, who passed away on Thursday after waging an epic battle with cancer. He is survived by his loving wife Chaz Ebert. It was in 1992 that Roger married Chaz. The marriage lasted more than 2 decades and ended only with the death of Roger on Thursday. Chaz is the Vice President of Ebert Company and the President of Ebert Productions. She worked as a trial attorney before meeting and then finally marrying Roger in 1992.roger-ebert-chaz-ebertChaz Ebert is not a celebrity on her own but she does have a Twitter account. She had not used this platform to tweet since January last on account of failing health of her husband. But on Thursday the widow of this film critic gave a glimpse of her love and devotion to her late husband by posting a photo and tweeting about the battle with cancer that her husband fought bravely till his last breath.

Chaz has revealed that she has been devastated by the passing away of a man around whom her entire life revolved. To the outside world, Roger was her husband, but to her he was much more than that. She says that he was a friend and confidante in addition to being a business partner for more than two decades. The loss of Roger is simply devastating and an event that is beyond expression in words.  robert-chaz-ebert

Chaz said that her husband was a very confident man who fought his battle with cancer with all his courage. However, he was getting a bit tired near the end. She adds that the two of them were going home from the hospital when Roger looked at her, smiled and then just passed away. There were no struggles, no gasping for air, no fight for survival. He just left for his heavenly abode in a calm and dignified manner.

Chaz adds that she has lost the man in her life but the world has lost a visionary, a great film critic, and a warm and friendly 102202076_custom-14ec39562a5bfd42615660ac3cc02c87f4833bca-s40spirit that touched the hearts of millions around the world. She says that she had a beautiful and lovely time with her late husband that was obviously full of highs and lows. However, it was with grace and humor that Roger made life easier for the two of us. On top of all this, it was deep love for each other that made it possible to continue our fight with cancer.

Roger was a loving husband, a doting father and stepfather, and a very caring grandfather. He used to tell me how his grandchildren were the best in the world and he also expressed his satisfaction over a long and illustrious career spanning 46 years a film critic. He was tiring near the end of his battle with cancer but said that he would die a satisfied man if cancer takes him away. In the end, Chaz does not forget to thank her late husband for all the love and care he showed for her and the entire family.