September 18, 2020

Chris Stark BBC reporter interviews Mila Kunis!!


British radio personality has turned into one viral sensation after interviewing one of  Hollywood’s hottest actresses Mila Kunis.


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Chris best known for his work as a contributor on the Scot Mills show on BBC radio 1 has gone through what in my opinion must be one of the biggest fears of any  person who is involved with the media; imagine that dream where everything is unicorns and butterflies and rainbows but suddenly few seconds later you find yourself running naked on the streets! In the dream of course! But you realize your dream has become your worst nightmare!

Well something like that happened to our young DJ, 25 year old Chris had that chance as any reporter that first break to interview his first celebrity but guess what happened..yup! The dream turned into “running in the streets naked”

And although is not his first time on the job is just one of those things that hey! It just happens…Chris started at the University of Southampton where he was given his own show on the student radio station Surge al this at 18 years old! Impressive huh! He then officially joined the Scott Mills show on April 2012.

So what do you think went “good but ridiculous” as he likes to describe the facts here?…Well I’ll tell you what we know, The presenter of the show he currently works for, Scott Mills, is always teasing him about not knowing much about films and nothing about actors and actresses so he actually thought it would be funny to put him literally to the test and the rest…viral history. He was so nervous and tried so hard to do a serious interview and talk about Mila’s role as a witch but just managed to talk on and on for extended periods about his own life, explaining that he’d ‘never done this kind of thing before….We can all see that now, maybe he thought he was on an episode of his own autobiography which he actually did and aired on November 2011 titled “24 Years at the Tap End

His coworkers at the radio ended up in tears laughing at it. Something that was just a bit of a joke turned into something bigger huh and not bad for Stark who is now a sensation online!

And what about Mila Kunis? She was actually super nice about the whole thing! And she probably just enjoyed Starks “blackout”

Now that is job well done!

Chris Stark’s twitter here.

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