October 27, 2020

Christina Moceanu is Dominique Moceanu’s sister

American gymnast Dominique Moceanu made a interesting family revelation recently, she has a secret sister her name who looks a lot like her younger sister Christina Moceanue. That secret sister is Jennifer Bricker, why don’t we found out more about the other Moceanu’s girl?

Christina Moceanu Dominique Moceanu sister_image

I bet she was as shocked as Dominique to know that she has a sister who was just a couple of years older than she was. 23 year-old Christina Moceanu born on August 24, 1989 to Romanian parents Camelia and Dumitru, her older sister is gold medalist Dominique Moceanu.

Christina’s older sister said her parents told her her middle sister Jen had health trouble (who was born with no legs), they who has little money  made the difficult decision to give her for adoption, since they could afford the medical care she needed.

Christina’s middle sister’s  existence was revealed to her big sister in 2008 when her father, dying of cancer made the shocking revelation. Before the sisters met Dominique received a letter with pictures of her, to Dominique’s surprise this new sister had a big resemblance to her baby sister Christina, in the letter she said..

‘Oh by the way, I have no legs,’ Jen told Moceanu. ‘But people forget that within minutes of meeting me

Below you’ll find many of Christina Mocenau’s pics . I just can wait to meet Christina and Dominique’s sister

Christina Moceanu Dominique Moceanu sister_photoChristina Moceanu Dominique Moceanu sister_picChristina Moceanu Dominique Moceanu sister_picsChristina Moceanu Dominique Moceanu's sister picChristina Moceanu Dominique Moceanu's sister with no legs picsChristina Moceanu Dominique Moceanu's sister picsChristina Moceanu Dominique Moceanu's sister with no legs photosChristina Moceanu Dominique Moceanu's sister-PicturesChristina Moceanu Dominique Moceanu's sister with no legs picture

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