January 15, 2021

Christine Paluf is Dr. William Petit Girlfriend

Dr. William Petit loss his wife and two daughters in a horrific act of violence when two man broke into his house, killing his family in a fire in 2007. Four years have pass and Dr. Petit’s wounds are   healed and although the scars are still there he is moving on with his life, and by that I meant his romantic life as media reported he has gotten engaged, the lucky lady is photographer Christine Paluf, and this is what we can tell you about her.

Christine Paluf William Petit Girlfriend photos

On July, 2007 William Petit family was brutally abused and murdered, his wife Jennifer and 11 year-old daughter Michael were raped, by their attackers Steven Hayes and Joshua Komisarjevsky who after beating Dr. Petit with a baseball bat set the house on fire, Dr. Petit escaped before that but by the time he got back with help it was too late his wife was strangled, his daughters Michaela and 17 year-old Hayley died tied to their beds from smoke inhalation.

On December, 2010 Hayes received the death sentence Komisarjevsky received the same sentence a year later. No parent can never the pain  of loosing  a child, even less the way his daughters died, he loss his beloved wife too, he was alone but not anymore he found love again in Christine Paluf, so who is she?

Before we get to that, allow me to tell you about the engagement, although no wedding date has been set, Dr. Petit proposed on Christmas, his friends are thrilled about it..

“I am absolutely thrilled for him. After so much tragedy in his life, my hope is that he will again find happiness in this relationship. She has a true understanding of where he’s been. I think this is hopefully going to be a new beginning for him.”said Ann Baldwin, Petit’s friend.

His ex sister in-law Cindy Hawke-Renn who previously met Christine while attended the Komisarjevsky trial, she said that she is  jovial and so down to earth

“There’s been a huge change in him. He sees a reason to be happy again, a reason for joy in his life. He still has sad days, periods of sad days, but she helps him with that. She is uplifting, and it makes you want to be around her.”

She also recalled the time when she asked William about his future with Christine..

“So, when am I going to dance at your wedding?”

“He looked at me and said, ‘I don’t know, maybe next year sometime.’ I was like, ‘Yay! It felt good to be included, knowing that he really wanted us to meet her, that it was important to him that we knew what a wonderful person he thinks she is.”

And now we will tell you about you about Dr. Petit 34 year-old fiancée Christine Paluf.

Ms. Paluf went to Bristol Eastern High School and Stafford School, for college she chose The College of New Jersey, then she switched to College of Charleston until  she landed at Boston University. Her previous job experiences include City Editor at  the Bristol Press, Director of Marketing Communications at Ticket Network, Music Coordinator at Up With People, co-funded and editor at The Daniel Island News, Director of Marketing at the Country Club Of Farmington and owner of Christine Paluf Photography where she gets hire to take the most amazing memorable moments at weddings, portraits, headshots, commercials and as you all probably know already Christine has taken many photographs at events for the  the Petit Family Foundation.

Congratulations to the happy couple, we will be looking forward to their special day!!!!

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7 thoughts on “Christine Paluf is Dr. William Petit Girlfriend

  1. I think it is too soon. Too soon in many respects. Too soon for Dr. Petie. Too soon for his family and friends. Too soon for his supporters. Healing takes time. I think it would behoove him to wait. Dr. Petit could feel a lot different in a year or two. Just doesn’t seem right at all to me. Rebounding prior to healing is not good. Bev

  2. What right do you have to say it’s too soon for him to have a minute shred of happiness. You have absolutely no right at all. I was offended by your comment Bev. Why don’t you shut up and let the man pick up the shattered pieces of his life and try to find some happiness and joy in his remaining time on earth. You don’t think he thinks about his family and life before this horrendous act occurred every day of his life. Poor guy is just trying to soldier on, he didn’t ask for any this, nor did he deserve any of this. Who the hell are you to judge how a man who lost everything he loved, in the most unspeakable way possible, should mourn his loss. You make me sick. There’s no specific time limit on mourning, every person is different. Why don’t you just butt out and let the man live. Jesus Christ.

  3. Jesus Christ ,Well this is the name you ended your rant with.so that is why I am starting my reply with it. One thing that we are so grateful to have in this country is Freedom; freedom of the press,freedom of speech,and freedom to tell you, who the hell do you think you are? Do you own this site,I don’t think so,so you have no right preaching to Bev about what she says or prints.There are a number of people who have been expressing their thoughts and feelings about this engagement and whether you want to believe it,a large number are against it! The Doctor doesn’t even wait for January 27th when Judge Blue sentences him, That deserves a WTF if you don’t mind me borrowing that 3 letters in your reply? So Bev,you keep on expressing your opinions and don’t even pay attention to this clown. He is just jealous that he can’t find someone like Dr. Petit has found!!

  4. Well I can’t say what he’s thinking or she. There is a large gap of 19 years between then, that’s question 1, the timing of the engagement (he can’t honor his family until after the sentencing) question 2, from what I’ve read it sounds like she was after him like white on rice..hmmm, etc…I truly want this man to so happy I just hope and pray this is the one & for the right reasons too.She likes the limelight and being in the press (pr & all). Oh well Good luck!

  5. WOW…………I can’t believe some of the comments here……………Ladies please………retract your claws!!!!

    First of all, I really did not know there was a standard time for mourning. But with that being said,l his family was brutally murdered in 2007 and from all accounts it looks as if he will be getting married in 2012. Unless there is some new math out there, that comes to 5 years. I would think 5 years was more than adequate time for a “mourning period”. If memory serves me correct according to to the book of Etiquette, one should wait at least a year before dating again. If that be the case, than Dr. Petit gave an extra 4 years.

    How about we just all wish him the Best of Everything. NO ONE will ever replace his wife and daughters, but it is possible to love someone new and hopefully even be blessed with children.

    Bad things happen to good people and now it is time for something good to come into this man’s life and I hope that is a happy and loving marriage and children!


  6. As I see it, there is only one way to survive this nightmare. Find love, grab it and gratefully claim it as your own. If you are able, have more children, love them deeply with all your heart. I applaud anyone who has the courage to try again after living through such ghastly pain and suffering. Good luck Mr Petit, your wife and daughters are smiling.

  7. There is 21 years between them not 19 and I think that’s what is making some folks a bit uneasy as well as the fact that Ms Paluf seems to enjoy the PR of Dr Petit a bit too much, which brings into question her character and motives. I think more people are concerned that Dr Petit isnt clear minded enough yet after all he went through to discern this women’s motives. Then again if he “chose” her because of her age and thus her fertility, that’s like marrying someone for thier ability to procreate, which is not a good reason to marry AT ALL – a deep and abiding love is and children should be an outcropping of that. There’s just a lot of concern for Dr Petit out there re this marriage, and it’s ten times worse because prior to this he was thought of as such a moral man, and the age difference of 21 years flies in the face of sensibility, judgement and respect for his murdered family.

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