October 27, 2020

Christopher Colleps is Kennedale High School Teacher Brittni Colleps’ Husband

Kennedale High School  is going thru  a terrible time, one of their teachers Brittni Colleps who taught English  has been accused of having an inappropriate relation with four of her teenage students t the same time, all while a fifth student filmed the sex scene. Brittni is actually married and has children, however her husband Christopher Colleps said he will continue to be married to Brittni and will give her his full support.

Christopher Colleps Brittni Colleps Husband

What a unpleasant moment must have been for Christopher Colleps when he heard his wife 28-year-old Brittni, the mother of his children might spend the next 20 years of her life behind bars, all because she engaged in a sexual relationship with at least five of her teenage students at Kennedale High School in Texas.

The students who are consider adults, but still inappropriate fro a teacher to have this kind of relationship with a student said Colleps and him exchanged nearly hundred of text messages, in every text Colleps allegedly pursued  the five boys. She would even send then lew photos of her.

Until the day that the five of them met with Colleps, four slept with her while the  videotaped everything with his cell phone, all these boys said they don’t feel like victims and don’t want to have Colleps prosecuted.

According to the testimonies of these teenage Colleps had orgies with students several times, and not always with the same students.

From the Star Telegram..

The first former student to testify Thursday told jurors that his sexual relationship with Colleps began with little fanfare.

The 19-year-old, who is using the pseudonym Richard, testified that he had never exchanged texts with Colleps but had simply gone to her Arlington home twice with friends and that they all engaged in sexual conduct. Former students Mark and Aaron testified Tuesday that their sexual relationships with Colleps began with the exchange of text messages that quickly turned sexual.

Richard testified that he did not have intercourse with Colleps but that she performed oral sex on him both times. Richard said he does not consider himself a victim and was “happy” to be at Colleps’ house. A student identified as “Jordan” testified that he learned from his friend Mark that Colleps was having sex with students. I just was amazed,” said Jordan, now 20.

Jordan testified that he went to Colleps’ house twice and engaged in group encounter and that he recorded the last encounter using Aaron’s phone. He said that from the start, the students discussed having to keep quiet about their activities because they didn’t want Colleps to get in trouble.

And yet, Jordan testified, he was called into the school office May 11, 2011, and questioned about it by school officials. He said he initially denied the relationship, not out of embarrassment, but because “I didn’t want to get her in trouble. I was trying to save her,” Jordan testified.

The final witness for the state Thursday was John, now 19, who testified that he had first gone with Colleps to a Texas Rangers baseball game and that nothing sexual occurred. But John said he went repeatedly to Colleps’ house with friends, and at least once alone, and engaged in sexual conduct with her.

During one of those times, John testified, Colleps cooked the students spaghetti, — some of which lighted up — and modeled some lingerie. He said the friends went into the back yard with Colleps, where they played a game of truth and dare.

Under cross-examination by Johnston, John acknowledged that he did not want to be in court testifying against Colleps. When Johnston asked what John believes should happen to Colleps, he replied, “Me personally, I wouldn’t say jail time.”

The  sex tape of Colleps and the four student was used as evidence at court, Brittni turned her face while the judge the rest of the people at the court room watched it. Christopher Colleps her hubby, previously released the following statement.

“I hope you will not pass judgment on her because you don’t have all the facts or details according to this situation,” he said. “I want you to know I love my wife. I have loved my wife since I laid eyes on her 11 years ago. I have always supported my wife and will continue to support her through this entire ordeal.”

Brittni is married to 32-year-old Christopher Colleps, from Arlington, Texas born on September 5th, 1981. Christopher graduated in 2000 from Lakeview Centennial High School in Garland, Texas. After high School Christopher joined the Army, he is an army specialist stationed at Louisiana’s Fort Polk. According to his Facebook profile he left the Army.

Christopher met his wife 12 years ago, they have been married for 8. They have been blessed with three beautiful children two daughters Carlee and Zoee ages 8 and 6 and Kylan their  4-year-old son.


Christopher Colleps testified at his wife trial, and he said he and his wife had group intercourse before he joined the Army, he also said that he watched the  homemade  video of his wife and her students and that even though it made him angry was happened was between him, his wife and God.

Mr. Colleps had to explain to  his children that their mother did some bad things and was not going to be back home for some time, by some time I mean 5 years, that was the sentenced Brittni Colleps received after she was found guilty of having improper relationships between an educator and student.

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  1. Dude, your wife is a skank ho. She could care less about you. You are a weak, sniveling man to stand by her.

    How about you grow a pair. Must be why she went looking in the first place. Wasn’t getting anything from a limp-you-know-what like yourself! Ha ha haaaaa….she’s probably not going to be able to sample any of the other younger children now that she’s been caught. What a complete and utter P.O.S.

    Be proud dude, your girls are going to hear about mommy and they’ll prolly wind up being skank ho’s themselves, giving it up to older men at first ’cause daddy ain’t a real man.

    Ha ha haaaa!!!!!!!

  2. While I find it completely unnecessary to press criminal charges against this woman (they were all adults after all), this man really needs a soul adjustment. I would be no surprised if this man actually agreed to pay the bail for someone who just tried to murder him… If I were in his pants, I’d be bloody insulted – not forgiving.

  3. They were both into “swinging.” He’s going to throw her under the bus for doing what they agreed they both consented to. The woman should be fired from the school, not sent to jail.

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