November 23, 2020

Cody York is Sarah Jones’ Boyfriend

He might a hero for some, a name some people hate to hear but Cody York is the student at Dixie Heights High School that allegedly had sex with his tutor Sarah Jones, who he is now dating.

Sarah Jones Cody York

In the plea deal Sarah Jones agreed to take which saved her cheerleading butt from jail, she accepted the relationship she began with Cody York her student at Dixie Height High School, Cody who was by her side at the courtroom looked as relax as she looked when they walked out the building hand in hand.

Sarah once an English teacher at Dixie Heights High School said her family were friends with Cody’s family, she began tutoring him and engaged in a sexual relationship in February, 2011 when he was 17. She also send him tons of sexual explicit text messages.

The York family have been very supportive of Sarah and were at the courtroom along Cody now 18 who might or might not be dating Sarah, what do you think?

While at  DHHS Cody York was an outstanding Baseball player with the Dixie Heights Colonels, he was a pitcher, second baseman and short stop. York graduated in 2012 he will be attending Northern Kentucky University. He lives in Villa Hills, KY

This Cody’s Twitter account, protected though so is his Facebook, but his old MySpace account isn’t.

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