March 2, 2021

Columba Bush, Jeb’s Wife Says No to Politics And Yes To Helping Others!

Columba Bush, is part of the Bush political dynasty, she is married to the former Governor of Florida Jeb Bush. Columba, 61, is a native of Leon, Guanajuato, Mexico. Bush has a father-in-law and brother-in-law that were both Presidents of the United States. Her son George P. Bush,38, an attorney, has also thrown his hat into the political arena. In spite of all the political heavy weights she is affiliated with, she has no political aspirations of her own, and has really stayed away from it. Bush met her husband Jeb, in Leon, when he was teaching English there in 1971. They married 3 years later in Texas. They have three children, in addition to George, there is Noel, and John. Noel, 37, has had some run- ins with the law due to her documented problems she has with prescription pill addiction. That has prompted her mother to become active in anti abuse programs throughout Florida. Columba’s father Jose Garnica was a poor migrant farm worker, and mother Josefina Gallo was a housewife until the couple divorced in 1963, when Columba was 10. After that her mother struggled to raise her children. Columba speaks proudly of her mother, and all the sacrifices she made as a single parent.Columba Bush

Bush has said publicly that when she married her husband over 40 years ago, she just wanted to have a family and live a quiet life. That’s been proven to be a hard task for Columba since she is a part of a political dynasty and her husband has not shied away from public life. Having been a Governor, and popular with the Florida constituents, there is non-stop chatter that he will be a Republican front runner for the Presidency in 2016. Bush became the Governor in 1999 and was in office for two terms, so that naturally put some of the spotlight directly on Coumba who was the First Lady of Florida. Although she always been very supportive of her husband and his ambitions, she has really embraced more of a private type of life. In a rare interview she gave to the Chicago Times, she said, “Jeb is a natural born politician, but I’m not a political person. At home we’re a common ordinary couple.”

Many political pundits are speculating how Columba will fair if her husband decides on a run for the Presidency. There will be no hiding for Mrs. Bush if her husband decided to run in 2015. Jeb Bush has said he will make a decision by the end of 2014, as to whether he will run or not. A confidential source told the Washington Post that if Columba is not on board with her husband’s desire for the presidency he will not run, it’s as simple as that. Columba has found the media attention on her family during the governor years to be very overwhelming. She tried to use the time that she was the First Lady of Florida to shed some light on issues close to her heart. She got involved in substance abuse programs, as well as domestic violence programs.




Donna Thomas

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