January 18, 2021

Dan Diaz is the Husband of Brittany Maynard, ‘Death with Dignity’ Advocate

Meet Dan Diaz, who is the Husband of Brittany Maynard, ‘Death with Dignity’ Advocate, Everyone is aware of Brittany Maynard, the 29 years old girl who recently chose to die on her own terms as she was suffering from a fatal disease. She finally took her life on Saturday in her own home in Portland, Oregon.Dan Diaz is Husband of Brittany Maynard, 'Death with Dignity' Advocate

Brittany Maynard was basically suffering from a major form of brain cancer known as Glioblastoma and she found out about it this year. After been given a total time period of six months to live, she chose to end her life by choosing to do it her own way on November 1st, 2014. During her last stages, her husband held her in his arms.

Their love story has been mentioned below.

Brittany Murphy met Dan Diaz in the April of 2007 where they both fell in love. He discovered later on that Brittany was not only beautiful from the outside but also from the inside, as reported by PEOPLE magazine.

Dan Diaz is Husband of Brittany Maynard, 'Death with Dignity' Advocate 3

In a telephone interview he revealed that, “She is someone special.” He also revealed how great it was to known such an energetic and charming woman like.

As it is fully legal to end a life for some terminally ill patients in Oregon, Brittany Maynard chose to do that at the age of 29 this Saturday by taking the medications she was given by her doctor.

The state’ s Death with Dignity Act was acquired by Brittany’ s mother, Debbie Ziegler, 56 and stepfather, Gary Holmes, 72, this year after they moved to Oregon with her.

She also fought with Compassion? & ?Choices, which is an organization that does end-of-life advocacy, to gain worldwide access of this law.

Their love story was shared with Diaz PEOPLE three weeks before Brittany Maynard died.

Dan Diaz was 35, and a bachelor, while Brittany Maynard was 23 when they first met. After five years of bliss and romance, they decided to marry. “I wanted to marry the person I loved and for me that was Brittany” , Dan, 43, told PEOPLE.

Reminiscing about his wife, Dan revealed that his wife often used to joke about him remaining single for so long – and to that he would say that he met his match in her.

He went on to share that Brittany was the person who he wanted to share the rest of his life with. They were married in September 2012 after Dan proposed to Brittany in May that year.

Their Wedding

The couple was married at Beltane Ranch in California’ s wine country.

According to Dan, their wedding was an extra special affair. “Brittany did so much of everything and made it extra special.” The guests arrived shortly after.

Their wedding was the best, according to Dan’ s and Brittany’ s friends. Moreover, the couple has also taken waltz lessons for their first dance in which Brittany excelled while Dan did need some help.

He went on to reveal that they even danced on Nat King’ s “L-O-V-E” . Their dance routine was nothing exclusive but was loved, nevertheless.

Their Honeymoon

On their honeymoon, Brittany wanted some adventure even when Dan wasn’ t much into it, but they decided to hit Patagonia. According to Dan, it was spectacular and something he would never forget.

From glaciers to a whole lot of nature, they experienced everything together. He fondly remembers their brief time of hiking and being pampered.

It was most of what Brittany wanted, which included exploring the outdoors mostly – and that surely was the most relaxing thing ever. “We would hit back the hotel after to relax for good” , Dan said remembering his beautiful time on their honeymoon with his wife.

The couple spent a total of ten days there where he revealed that the longest hikes they did was of ‘nine miles’ , he said. He went on to say that most for him, it was the perfect honeymoon and was clearly an exceptional adventure.