March 6, 2021

David Goldberg Husband Of CEO Sheryl Sandberg Cause Of Death Now Known!

David Goldberg, 47 husband of CEO of Facebook Sheryl Sandberg, died while excising in Mexico over the weekend.  Goldberg and his wife Sandberg are both Jewish, the funeral is expected to happen today in California. Although Goldberg was married to a high powered Facebook executive, he had a very impressive resume of his own. He was a 1989 graduate of Harvard, with a degree in Political Science. It was from this university that CEO Facebook Mark Zuckerberg dropped out of. He lived in Menlo Park, CA with his wife Sheryl and their two young children. Goldberg grew up in Minneapolis, Minnesota. His father was an attorney and law professor at William Mitchel College of Law, and his mother was a business executive. He aspired to be an attorney like his father, however after graduating Harvard with honors he elected to lead a life in the spotlight.

After graduation he joined Capital Records in Los Angeles. He was in charge of new business development strategy  He hobnobbed with the rich and famous while at Capital. He met his wife Sandberg at Harvard when both were classmates, his wife also graduated with distinction from the university. He created the online music site ‘Launch Media in 1994. He stayed with the company until it was acquired by Yahoo in 2001. The acquisition made Goldberg a very wealthy man. In 2004 he married Sandberg, and in 2007 he would leave Yahoo and join Benchmark Capital , a venture capital company. He joined Survey Monkey in 2009, he was named CEO of the online survey company two years ago.

Goldberg gave an interview to Foundr Magazine on March 18th, 2015. The interview was conducted by Nathan Chan, and was very revealing, he talked all about his entrepreneurial spirit. He talked about how his business journey all started. He said “In some ways it started near Sidney, after University I worked for a company that was opening an office in Sidney and I went down there to help with that. I decided that I didn’t want to be a consultant forever and ended up leaving Sidney and headed back to the States. I got a job working at Capital Records in LA in the music business.”

He went on,”From there I decided that as much as I was interested in the music business I needed to try running something. No one wanted to at my age of 26 would let me run anything. So because of that I decided to start my own company. That was all I could to run something, and I had this idea that the discovery of music would be a lot better on the computer than it would be on radio and television. This was 1993 a long time ago,  I quit my job, and with my best friend from High School started the company. I borrowed money on my credit card, worked out of my apartment, asked everyone I knew for favors, and that’s what people did. Back then I really didn’t know anyone that started their own company before. There weren’t really internet companies back then, there was AOL and Copyserve in the US, which were basically dial up services.” The family is asking friends and co-workers of Goldberg’s to leave their thoughts on his Facebook page.



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