November 27, 2020

Denise Odie Joseph II Is Dinesh D’ Souza’s affair or fiancee?

Dinesh D’Souza is the notable Indian/ American book author, conservative political commentator and until October 17 he was the president at The King’s College in NYC, and he is married to his wife 44-year-old Dixie Brubaker since 1992 has been spending night of passion with a woman who is not his wife but Denise Odie Joseph II who he introduced as his fiancé, but Denise Odie is also married???

Dinesh D' Souza girlfriend Denise Odie Joseph

51-year-old Dinesh D’ Souza from Bombay, India received quite a buzz with 2012 documentary film 2016 Obama America based on his 2010 book The Roots Of Obama Rage. Dinesh met his wife Dixie Brubaker during a visit in Washington they got married in 1992 and became the proud parents of their beloved daughter Danielle,

But then again he is introducing Denise Odie Joseph III as his soon to be wife?

And on the other hand we have the rumor that Denise Odie got married to her hubby last December, 30 so is she having an affair too?

Denise Odie Joseph husband

“I was already going to vote for Romney because my husband told me to.”

According to  media, Dinesh D’ Souza said he is absolutely not having an affair, he stated that he and Dixie have been living separate lives for two years already, so when he introduce Denise as his girlfriend and soon to-be wife was because he planned to divorce Brubaker and tied the knot with Odie.

Denise should be thankful that Warren Smith published the story about the September Conference where she was introduce as D’ Souza’s new gal because after that he filed for divorce on October 4th, poor girl would have been waiting for him to legally separated from his wife and put that ring on her for who knows how long if it wasn’t for Smith, whose article gave her beau the little push she hoped for, she could have been the new Ann Coulter, Laura Ingraham of 2012, both dated D’ Souza before he got married to Dixie he was even engaged to Laura but split up before the “I Do”. Ms. Joseph met D’ Souza three months ago

So here is Denise Odie Joseph II’s biography

29-year-old Denise Odie Joseph the second from Maryland a Lawyer/ museum maven, graduated from John Carroll High School in 2006, she then studied at the University of Oxford, University of Maryland, College Park and George Washington University off Law School, and is currently living in Washington where she works at DC Art Gallery

Denise’s blog I, Denise, Lust After has been removed, but you can still see their home page on this cache page.

In her about me page she gives us a little insight about who she is…

My name is Denise Odie Joseph II and I am a twenty-something currently residing in Washington, DC. Languishing, longing, and lusting are all capital “L” words for me as long as the attendant luxury comes with a heavy dose of God, Flag, and Country. For you math people out there, this means that the 2nd Amendment is more precious to me than 5th Avenue. Though a lawyer by training, I am now a maven of the museum at twp particularly charming DC Art Galleries. This blog was born out of a desire to share with like-minded folk, my obsession with objets d’arte and their trappings—wherever and whenever they strike me.

From time to time, this conservative bloggette will also be addressing socio-political issues under the category of women’s issues. Because it is this blogette’s sincere belief that women should be the moral guardians of their homes, these posts will span the socio-political-economic gamut. 

The blog is intended to be a fashion, lifestyle, and socio-political humor blog. I want a space to discuss socio-political issues in a casual and fun environment. Whenever possible, I attempt to employ satire and humor as well. I include the fashion and lifestyle aspects because they appeal to me personally but more importantly, because I am strong believer in the concept of Republican Motherhood. I think it is one of America’s greatest inventions and the most vital of its lost philosophies. I try to abide by it whenever possible and therefore know women’s relationships with socio-politics, economics, lifestyle and fashion to be inextricably and naturally linked. Basically, I will be covering issues from consumer complaints to the elections, from the organic food movement to teenager’s clothing trends, from religion to Ralph Lauren. And frankly, I’ll be covering all three at once because our lives do.


Found that in that same page Odie talks about his likes and guess who is among her political/ ideological favorites? Dinesh.. that was too easy!!

Political/Ideological Favorites: The Good Doctors, Ron & Rand Paul, Dinesh D’Souza, Pat Buchanan, Peter Kreeft.

Found some of her profiles on live, here, Google+ here, YouTube here and Odie Joseph’s Facebook  is here.

Denise Odie Joseph’s photos are below.

Denise Odie Joseph husbandDenise Odie Joseph II Dinesh D Souza mistress fiancee pictureDenise Odie Joseph II Dinesh D Souza mistress fiancee picturesDenise Odie Joseph II Dinish D Souza mistress fiancee picDenise Odie Joseph II Dinish D Souza mistress fiancee pics

8 thoughts on “Denise Odie Joseph II Is Dinesh D’ Souza’s affair or fiancee?

  1. As a serious Christian, I must say that you hit the nail on the head. Right on target. Well said!

  2. IS Denise Odie Joseph II a black, white or Indian woman. She appears to be a bleach blond and her face definitely betrays some african features. Help me, someone.

  3. Thanks for exposing this little weasel. I’m a Christian and I’m just appalled at the hate that seems to be coming from the right wing so called Christians. Most of them exhibit none of the love and care that is ascribed to the Christian sect. Most of the so called Christian politicians are nothing more than modern Pharisee’s.

  4. I am a Christian and a conservative..and I agree with this. What a prick (can I use this word) ths guy is.

  5. Please…..your righteous indignation is making me ill. No Christians are perfect, and Dinesh has on balance contributed to constructive discourse about one of the most disastrous presidencies in memory.

  6. D’Souza is a typical pathetic dark Indian man who tries to do anything to be accepted by white Republicans, who need nonwhite Uncle Toms (him, Cain, Clarence Thomas, West, etc.).  Dinesh became Christian, worships the white man, attacks blacks and Obama for not doing so.  I”m East Indian, I can say this.
    Surprised Dinesh hasn’t changed his name to Dave (to complete the suck up) or blamed big bad liberals or MSNBC for all his failing as Conservative Christians, Jews and Rightwingers always do!!!

  7. D’Souza is not a scholar or a movie maker. He is a skilled but unscrupulous propagandist who cares nothing for truth or morality. He lets nothing — especially facts — come between him and money.

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