February 25, 2021

Dorothy Narvaez Woods is Navy SEAL killed in Libya Attack Tyrone S. Woods’ Wife (PHOTO)

We were sadden to heard about the tragic death of former Navy SEAL Tyrone Snowden woods, the four US Official killed at the U.S Consulate in Libya along fellow SEAL Glen Doherty, informant Officer Sean Smith and U.S Ambassador Chris Stevens. Tyrone Woods is survived by his mother, father, sister, his three children and beloved wife Dorothy Narvaez Woods.

Tyrone Snowden Woods Wife Dorothy Woods

41-year-old Tyrone Snowden Woods the only son of Cheryl Bennett and Charles Woods. He was also the only brother of his younger sister Tiffany Woods. He was a licensed nurse and paramedic.

Tyrone S Woods mother Cheryl Bennett

Tynone went to Sellwood Middle School, Oregon City High School. He served in the Navy for 20 years, first joined in 1990 after turning down a scholarship from Clackamas Community College. He has been married twice, his first wife Patricia Ann So born Patricia Rasmusson from San Diego with whom he had  older sons 18-year-old Tyrone Jr and 15-year-old Hunter. She is now married to Kermit So.

Tyrone Wooods ex wife Patricia Ann So

Tyrone then got married to 37-year-old Dr. Dorothy M. Narvaez Woods, born on June 9th, 1975, graduated from The University of Maryland College Park in 1996 with a BS in Neurophysiology,  and received her DDS from the University of Maryland School of Dentistry in 2001.

Tyrone S. Woods Wife Dorothy Narvez  Woods

From 2001 until 2002 Dorothy Woods did her General Practice Residency at the naval Medial Center in San Diego. From 2001  until 2005 she was a General Dental Officer at the United States Navy,after that she became a Associate Dentist in Laguna Hills, CA. In October, 2007 she became co-owner and Executive Officer  at FER Inc and owner at Dr. Dorothy Narvaez- Woods DDS, Inc.  in La Jolla, CA. Dorothy gave birth to her son Kai Woods a few months ago.

Dorothy Narvaez Woods Tyrone S Woods Wife photoDorothy Narvaez Woods Tyrone S Woods WifeDr. Dorothy Narvaez Woods Navy SEAL Tyrone Woods Wife picDr. Dorothy Narvaez Woods Navy SEAL Tyrone Woods Wife photoDr. Dorothy Narvaez Woods Navy SEAL Tyrone Woods Wife

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10 thoughts on “Dorothy Narvaez Woods is Navy SEAL killed in Libya Attack Tyrone S. Woods’ Wife (PHOTO)

  1. They death of Tyron Woods is verity critical and very serious. I am not sure why the news is not picking this story of the Tyron Woods dad and his family wanting truthful answer. So far our government has treated them like unimportant. Shame Shame on these government official . I am convinced that President Obama is guilty . Lets us not let Tyron Wood die in vain. This is about honor and integrity

  2. I am sorry for the loss of any one fighting for our country but this is a special pain our nation must carry. We must keep asking questions of those who made the decisions that allowed this sorrow. WE will not forget Tyrone Woods and other souls lost in this tragedy.

  3. This man was left to die with all available support denied, just like in a Rambo movie – except this was real.

  4. Stop listening to that fool Glen Beck. So sorry this tragedy happened but vultures like Beck and others at Faux “News” should stop trying to politicize from this horrible event. No President (from either party) would ever want this to happen.

  5. So CB- you are calling Tyrone Woods father, emails, voice recordings and all witnesses liars? It is not about politics, it is about justice for this man.

  6. As a mother of three sons, my heart goes out to the family. We lost four Americans, such a tragedy. If it had not been for Tyrone Woods and Glenn Doherty there would had been more lives lost. Thank you, for sharing your loved ones with us. They are heroes and I will never forget them the rest of my life.

    May God watch over you, the Woods family and Doherty family; and bless you all with comfort and love. We, in Encinitas, CA stand behind you and your endeavors.

  7. Well it did happen under these fools watch. The simple fact that AFRICOM had assets available either on the ground ready to launch at Sigonella Naval Air Station or already airborne in the area, only the highest command authority meaning the President could have ordered no action to be taken as the AFRCOM’s commander General Ham has standing orders that direct him to protect American lives in his area of responsibility. So either Obama’s lying or he is not really in charge. Either reason means he is unfit to serve and should resign in disgrace immediately. As a retired Senior Non Commissioned Officer I’m totally disgusted with this turn of events, this is Watergate with a body count.

  8. Being a military veteran, I’m terribly disappointed in our leadership. WE were taught in Officer Candidate School to not abandon others – this did not happen. I think accountability needs to occur within our own ranks from the top down. It is illegal is disobey an illegal order. I think this order to not help was wrong, wrong, wrong

  9. Dear Site,
    You’ve managed to publish photos and put together a family history about a friend. Understandably this is a high profile news story. I was able to GOOGLE my friend online. They have children. It would be really cool if you guys could just take this down. They are not celebrities. You have to the power to do so and it would really help. Thank you and god bless.
    Family Friend of Fallen Warriors

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