November 25, 2020

Elizabeth Keadle- Al Gore Girlfriend

Former US Vice-president Al Gore has a new girlfriend according to reports published today, the new lady in Gore’s heart is Elizabeth Keadle a Californian beauty in her 50’s.

Al Gore girlfriend Elizabeth Keadle

64 year-old Al Gore got married to his high school sweetheart Mary Tipper Aitcheson on May, 1970, they have 4 children together 39 year-old Karenna, 34 year-old Kristin, 32 year-old Sarah and 40 year-old Albert, the couple split up in 2010 around the same time  rumors about  Gore having an affair with Curb your Enthusiasm actor Larry David’s wife Laurie David were heard, Laurie who is highly involved with Natural Resources Defense Council (well she is a trustee) co-produced Gore’s documentary “An Inconvenient Truth”, both Laurie and Al denied the affair and mutual friends laugh at the Star Magazine publication, who said they went from friends to lovers.

Well he  still split up with his wife, so I guess it is Ok for him to date someone else, and that woman is Elizabeth Keadle, who media referred as Al Gore’s new girlfriend, but who is she? How they met? Any children for Mrs. Keadle? ex-hubby? how old is she?

Elizabeth Keadle who friends called Liz she was married to Lyle Turner the biotech entrepreneur, for years both Liz and Lyle have helped Democrats and Al Gore, you can check about that here

After her marriage was finalized she was linked to a lawyer from San Diego named Nick Leibham we don’t know how that  relationship went down the drain or when did she  and Al  started dating, but  they are an item now.

Keadle a Southern California native has reside in Rancho Santa Fe for years, environmentalist, horsewoman and Democratic donor was with her new beau during a trip to raise awareness of climate change to Antarctica  this January where he met with Tommy Lee Jones, Jason Mraz, Richard Branson. Liz is also a President council member for San Elijo Lagoon Conservancy, her name can also be found in the list of electors for pledged for President Obama and Joe Biden  during the 2008 Presidential Elections for the state of California, hosted the 2009 Birds of a Feather Gala at her home.

Elizabeth   Keadle al Gore girlfriendElizabeth Liz  Keadle al Gore girlfriend

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