February 26, 2021

First FedEx Delivery Man throws a Monitor now Is UPS Delivery Man video that went Viral

Last week  a video featuring a FedEx delivery man throwing a computer monitor into a house yard that went viral, now is the turn for UPS whose delivery man not just threw the package  but flips his finger to the camera.

Ups Delivery man flips bird and threw package in long island

When that delivery guy from FedEx was caught in video throwing a computer monitor into the customer’s yard UPS must have wearing  a smile on their faces, not just FedEx experience some low in their  services but their president was force to put up an apology video on YouTube.

FedEx delivery man throws monitor picFedEx delivery man throws monitor picsFedEx delivery man throws monitor picturesFedEx delivery man throws monitor photo

They must be the ones smiling now, since a delivery person from their biggest rival UPS was seen flipping his middle finger at the camera before he  threw the packages in the house’s front door. A practical joke or a a really stupid man? So far UPS said the man flipping the bird was so fired..

“We don’t tolerate such conduct,” UPS spokeswoman Natalie Godwin said. “And yes, he was fired.”

The FedEx  delivery man video got over 2 millions views in a a few days, how many will this one from UPS will get?

UPS delivery man throwing package video picUPS delivery man throwing package video picsUPS delivery man throwing package video pictureUPS delivery man throwing package video pictures

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