March 8, 2021

Gaby Scanlon- 18-year-Old Had Stomach perforated and removed after drinking Liquid Nitrogen Drink

Meet Gaby Scanlon, thank God she is can tell you the terrible experience she went thru during her 18th birthday celebration when she drank a fancy cocktail made with liquid nitrogen, Gaby ended up with a perforated stomach that required to be removed, well a part of it.

Oscar bar Gaby Scanlon

18-year-old Gaby Scanlon from Heysham, Lancashire went to Oscar’s bar with friends to celebrate her birthday, and thought it will be cool to order Oscar’s famous cocktail called “Pornstar Martini” which they said to be an amazing drink.

Oscar bar Gaby Scanlonpornstar martini Gaby Scanlon

But Pornstar Martini contains liquid nitrogen, a substance that has usually been used by chefs and bartenders to froze things or give cocktails that interesting cloud of vapor. Liquid nitrogen evaporates at -196C, it freezes when it comes in contact with living tissue.

Liquid nitrogen cocktail Gaby Scanlon picLiquid nitrogen cocktail Gaby Scanlon

Because is colorless, and odorless when its evaporates is consider to cause asphyxia, its low temperature can caused cold burns, can you imagine what caused to Ms. Scanlon’s stomach when she swallowed it?

Besides the excruciating pain, it perforated her stomach, doctors had to  cut a big chunk of it to save her life, she is is critical yet stable condition. Oscar’s Wine Bar & Bistro Lancaster page on Facebook  has been removed as for their website it said they are under construction, you can see a cache page here.

Oscar wine and Bar Pornstar Martini Gaby Scanlon

You can reach Gaby on Facebook here and follow her on Twitter here.

Gaby ScanlonGaby Scanlon

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