March 6, 2021

Heather Hahn is Leonardo DiCaprio’s New Supermodel GirlFriend (pictures, wiki)

Heather Hahn, 25-year-old model has been rumoured to be the new supermodel girlfriend of Leonardo DiCaprio!

Heather Hahn, the American model, also the actress that played roles in “Bruno and Entourage”, but only small roles, and if time also a chance for her future career? Who knows.

Leonardo DiCaprio, 38 years old now, has been famous not only in his movies, but also his love of women especially supermodels. Before Heather Hahn, he had dated supermodels including Bar Refaeli and Gisele Bundchen.Heather Hahn(Heather Hahn pictures)

It’s certainly that Leonardo has much talent in this kind of dating, in fact, he has given BRADLEY Cooper the suggestions on how to date girls for “no-strings-attached fun.” and “chill out and enjoy all the beautiful women”.

This time, Leonardo was said to “only had eyes for Heather” when the two were spotted dating out together at Baoli Miami, eating filet mignon steak with Dom Perignon champagne.heather hahn 1

“They were laughing and smiling and really seemed into each other. Leo was a total gentleman. He even pulled out Heather’s chair for her!”

The group ate filet mignon steak washed down with glasses of Dom Perignon champagne while at Baoli Miami.

After the dinner, Leonardo danced with Heather, “grabbing her waist” and they two certainly spent a romantic evening.

No one knows if Leonardo finally find the right girl and prepared to settle down this time? heather hahn 4