January 18, 2021

Heather Smith is Foreign Service Information Management Officer Sean Smith’ Wife (PHOTOS)

Protesters in Libya attack the US embassy in Benghazi during  a protest over the film by American producer Sam Bacile “Innocence of Muslims” that ridicules Islam prophet Muhammad, so far three Americans were confirmed to be dead among those is US Ambassador John Christopher Stevens and Foreign Service Information Management Officer Sean Smith who is survived by his beloved wife Heather Smith and their two young children.


52-year-old Ambassador Chris Stevens was killed in the country he loved and helped for many years, apparently he and other men, some media suggest Libyan officials told protesters where the American were hiding and they attack the building, Ambassador Stevens, two unidentified Marines and Officer Sean Smith died by home inhalation; other sources claimed the car they were escaping in was struck by a rocket propelled grenade. A Libyan doctor said the Ambassador who was the only American taken to the hospital died of severe asphyxia due to smoke inhalation, this caused bleeding in the stomach, but had no other injuries.

Ambassador Chris Stevens photoAmbassador Chris Stevens photosAmbassador Chris Stevens pic

Ambassador Chris Stevens who is believe not to be married or had any children is survived by his parents in North Carolina. Foreign Service Information Management Officer, Sean Smith like Ambassador Stevens was one of the finest American men serving in Libya.

Air Force veteran Sean Smith joined the department in 2001, before that he arrived in Benghazi he served as an informant in Hague, Pretoria, Montreal and Baghdad. He was the beloved husband of his loving wife Heather Dye Smith from Herndon, Virginia to Eugene and Kaye Dye. Heather and Sean are the caring parents of their children Samantha and Nathan.

Foreign Service Information Management Officer Sean Smith Vile RatForeign Service Information Management Officer Sean SmithSean Smith Vile rat Viletat

Foreign Service Information Management Officer Sean Smith born in June 1st, 1978 was also well known in the gamer community  known by his alias “Vile Rat”, “Vilerat” and “Viletat” he was an important participant in the gaming community and most notoriously in the Sci-Fi multiplayer video game with Eve Online guild Goonswarm, he was also a moderator in the e-community Something Awful.

Need a little help here, confirm this info.

Heather Smith Sean Smith wife photoHeather Smith Sean Smith wife photosHeather Smith Sean Smith wife pic

Sean’s wife Heather Eugenia Smith born on May 2nd, 1974, lived in Roswell, GA graduated from Roswell High in 1992, she later lived in Dulles, VA, Canton, GA. Her sister is Melissa.

You can find Sean Smith on Facebook here, you can follow Heather Smith or Vile rat’s wife on Twitter here.

Our thoughts and Prayers go out to Heather her children, other members of her family, friends during this  sad time.

Heather Smith Sean Smith wifeSean-Smith-Vile-Rat-facebook-photo


2 thoughts on “Heather Smith is Foreign Service Information Management Officer Sean Smith’ Wife (PHOTOS)

  1. This message extends to the mother of Sean Smith and his beloved wife and children: being a mother of three sons and five grandchildren, of which four are boys watching your interview on Anderson Cooper, I sob for you and with you. For the wife and children we are so saddened by this loss.

    We extend our sympathy and pray that truth will eventually pervasive so you may finally rest. We stand behind you and your endeavors for finding out the truth.

    May God Almighty bless all of you with comfort and love and know there are many who mourn the loss of four Americans who are actually heroes, and our family, in Encinitas, CA will never forget this tragedy as long as we live.

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