October 21, 2020

Holly Magee Senykoff Is John Magee and Geraldine Magee Daughter

Holly Magee Senykoff was the one who discovered her parents dead in their Boston home, John and Geraldine Magee were shot dead at their house and  sadly their bodies were found by their daughter.

Holly Magee Senykoff John Geraldine Magee daughter photos

Holly Magee Senykoff is one of the two children John and Geraldine Jeri Magee had, they also have a son, 36 year-old John who recently relocated in Sommerville. Holly who lives in Boston is married to her husband Ronald Senykoff.

Holly Magee is Marketing and Advertising Professional her husband Ron is Senior Systems Architect at HarrisLOGIC Inc. a Loyola University graduate. They have two gorgeous children ages 4 and 2 who  Holly’s parents watched over every Wednesday. The Magee Senykoff  reside at their Medford Massachusetts home.

It was during her weekly visit to her parents house in Andover Massachusetts where she found the shocking scene of both her parents shit dead in the first floor of the home.

“Holly was going there with the kids to drop them off and she walked in and the parents were there on the floor,” Holly rushed to her car to get the kids inside and  called 911,also call Ron.

69 year-old John E. Magee a well known and respected president of of Magee Construction, son of John Magee Sr. who funded the company in 1951, Holly’s father a Boston University graduate  took over on 1974.

His wife Geraldine or Jeri as friends called her was 67 was described as one of the nicest, warmest ladies in the world, the couple lie in the one million house located off Route 28.When heir daughter arrived the front door was unlock, there was no sign of struggle or murder weapon, their family dog was found unharmed, although Police found a black Lexus belonging to the couple torched on Prince Street in Boston’s North End.

We send our thoughts and prayers to Holly Magee Senykoff, her brother John as well and their families and friends throughout this terrible time

Holly Magee Senykoff John Geraldine Magee daughter imageHolly Magee Senykoff John Geraldine Magee daughter photoHolly Magee Senykoff John Geraldine Magee daughter pictureHolly Magee Senykoff John Geraldine Magee daughter husband Ron SenykoffHolly Magee Senykoff John Geraldine Magee daughter picsHolly Magee Senykoff John Geraldine Magee daughter

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