February 24, 2021

Is Lucas Vercetti Tallulah Willis’ Boyfriend? (PHOTO)

As we all already heard demi Moore and Bruce Willis youngest daughter Tallulah Willis might or might not be latest naked scandal victim, even if that is not really true I bet that your might be interested in knowing who is Tallulah dating, so is her beau Lucas Vercetti?

Lucas Vercetti Tallulah Willis boyfriend-pictures

18-year-old Tallulah Willis the youngest daughters of actors Bruce Willis and Demi Moore is in the middle of a nasty naked scandal as media reported topless pics of her have emerged, and other where she is allegedly smoking pot. And according to Radar Online the racy pictures are already being shopped by several media outlets, Yikes!

Oh well, Tallulah once said mom demi taught her  to love her body, so I guess is not something out of the ordinary the nakedness..

“Growing up it was our mom, she was very much like love your body, love yourself run around naked…whatever we wanted to do she was very accepting, I grew up with everyone should love and be happy and love yourself.”

But what is wrong is the fact that those pics are around the web and they are being shopped, I mean seriously guys, would you like to mess with Tallulah’s dad? I rather not get Bruce furious!!

This year Tallulah Willis has been spotted with Lucas Vercetti several times and each time they seemed more comfortable with each other and definitely getting  cozier, so media are beginning to referred to Vercetti as Tallulah’s new boyfriend

Lucas Vercetti from Encino, California went to El Camino Real Senior High. He is currently a manager of an Odd Future pop-up shop. On his Facebook page he stated that he is currently in a relationship. You can follow Lucas on Twitter here.

From His bio on Facebook.

Lucas is a part of OFWGKTA, he does not rap for odd future but he can be seen in the music video for She (ft. Frank Ocean) by Tyler, the Creator, saying “Where the honey dips at?”. You can also see him in many photos on odd future’s very own blog (golfwang.tumblr.com

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  1. Tallulah doesn’t deserve to be with Lucas, she’s just another spoiled rich brat, he deserves a way much more better girl than her!!!!

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