March 6, 2021

Is Rachel McFarland Wilson Oklahoma Darrell Wilson who killed her BF Bill Schnittman?

According to some media Darrell Wilson was married to Rachel Wilson, mother of his three children. The couple were estranged and she was dating a great guy, Bill Schnittman. Darrell began to threatened both, until he kill Bill and then himself.

bill SchnittmanDarrell Wilson

Oklahoma City, OK

36-year-old Darrell Will was according to Showbizdaily married to 32-year-old Rachel Wilson from Nevada, they have three children together, she also has another child from a previous marriage.

Their marriage had their ups and downs and they finally separated, but Darrell became furious and unstable when his wife moved on and began to date 25-year-old William Schnittman a former Olympic rower from Michigan.

Both Bill and his girlfriend filed restraining orders against Wilson, but only her was granted protection. Schnittman’s protection petition was insufficient and so it was denied, because he and Wilson had no relation, he had to file a stalking order prior to the protection petition.

Wilson broke into his wife’s house shot Bill in the head and raped his wife before police arrived to the scene, they saw Wilson inside a Jaguar car with his wife and a gun, they negotiated to released her and so he did but he took off at high speed

Darrell shot himself inside the car, police is not sure if he lost control of the car because he shot himself of if he turned the gun after loosing control of the vehicle.

The male appeared to be holding the woman hostage,” said Captain Dexter Nelson, Public Information Officer with Oklahoma City Police. “Officers were able to convince him to release the female.”

“The pursuing officer believes that the individual shot himself either at the end of the pursuit or prior to his car coming to rest on the highway where it crashed,

Police responded to Darrell Wilson’s wife’ house 26 times prior to December 21st shooting, he was denied with the protective order against his wife. – Oklahoma City, OK – News, Weather, Video and Sports |

5 thoughts on “Is Rachel McFarland Wilson Oklahoma Darrell Wilson who killed her BF Bill Schnittman?

  1. Knew Darrell and Rachel. He took the kids to safety from her drug addiction. He bought the guns with her because she was afraid of her former husband. 1 of 3 failed marriages for her. My husband and I don’t pity her. She motivated all of this. Sorry for the kids. Damn.

  2. Sources also tell us she was “seeing” both of these guys. And William came into to the picture while she and Darrell were still married and living together. Even while she was pregnant.

  3. YES it is. and she is NOT a good person and should be putting some blame on herself right about now for all the horrible things she did to this man that got drove over the edge…

  4. William was a drug dealing, child molesting, home wrecker. Not a future Olympic Hero. The media is a liar. Darrell was one of the greatest people who ever lived. People need to know the truth so Darrell’s children don’t grow up hating their farther. I miss you brother!

  5. I am so sad to hear of such a horrific tragedy.
    Lives lost and broken families.
    No need to cast blame.
    The behaviors speak for themselves.
    I will continue to pray, especially for
    the innocent children.

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