October 19, 2020

Is Sergei Bubka Jr Victoria Azarenka Boyfriend?

22 year-old Victoria Azarenka recently won the 2012 Australian Open defeating Maria Sharapova, but is there a hot guy by her side with whom she can shared her glory? Does Victoria has a boyfriend? Is Sergei Bubka dating her? Who is this Sergei in the first place?

sergei bubka jr victoria azarenka boyfriend pic

Beautiful Victoria left her natal Minsk as a teenager relocating in Scotttsdale, Arizona. She became a professional tennis player in 2003. We all know that Victoria’s temper is not the easiest in the court and we shouldn’t get started with the grunting, boy she is loud!!

Azarenka  became this year‘s Australian Open champion defeating Maria 6–3, 6–0 and replacing Caroline Wozniacki as No. 1 in the world, and at this point I wondered does this 5’11” beauty has a boyfriend? rumors said she is dating Sergei Bubka Jr. some other even said they are engaged, but is it true?

According to Ubitennis she said she is for sure dating Sergei but they are not engaged..

“I’m not engaged. Today I’m wearing the wrong ring on the wrong finger, but I’m not engaged.” But then she admitted something: “Anyway, yes, I go out with him, and yes, he’s my boyfriend”.

And now that we  got that crystal clear let’s met the lucky man!

Like his girlfriend Sergei Bubka resides in Monte Carlo I wonder if they are living together, anyways he is the 24 year-old son of the famous Russian pole vault player Sergei Bubka and Liliya, a former rhythmic gymnast; Jr has a brother, Vitaly.

The handsome Ukrainian stands at 6’2”  Sergei also a tennis player who since last year trains with coach Olivier Morel, Bubka Junior his nickname started playing at a very young age, he is a right handed who an make any girl’s heart stop with his dazzling blue eyes and did I mention she speaks English, Russian and French? Although his tennis carrier haven’t reach the highest records, we can sure expect great things for him, who knows he might surprise us all.


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