February 26, 2021

Jaylen Fryberg Shoots Two Cousins Before Taking His Own Life!

Jaylen Fryberg,14, opened fire Friday on his High School classmates, leaving two dead and four others with life threatening injuries. As authorities are trying to paint a clearer picture of the facts leading up the deadly rampage, CNN is reporting on new revelations. jaylen-frybergDon Hatch a grandfather to two of the victims told CNN that Fryberg was a cousin of two of the injured, and that they all lived very close to each other. It appears that the shooting was not random, but calculated, with Fryberg eyeing specific targets before he fired his weapon. Fryberg entered the cafeteria of Marysville -Pilchuck High School and opened fire, a female student who was just finishing her lunch died immediately, 4 others were shot and wounded included two of Fryberg’s cousins. A male student that was in the cafeteria and witnessed the shootings, called 911 and police and the swat team were in the building by 10:40 a.m. local time. New details have come to light only a short time ago, that a cafeteria worker tried to stop the gunman in his tracks, and may have saved lives in the cafeteria. Fryberg who only a week ago was named Homecoming Prince, took his own life shortly before the police entered the building. Marysville, Washington is about 34 miles north of Seattle. All the victims and the shooter were under the age of 18. Four teenagers, 2 boys and 2 girls remained hospitalized fighting for their lives. Three of the injured, have life threatening injuries. The most seriously injured a 15 year old, was shot in the head, and sources are saying that the teen is not expected to live.

Fryberg used a .40 caliber Beretta gun that belonged to his father sources are indicating. Although the police have been hesitant to release details of the shooting, many eye witnesses who were in the cafeteria have been talking to the media about what they witnessed. Many at the high school are shocked by the discovery that the shooter was a very popular high school freshman, that had many friends at the school. Some authorities are speaking on the condition of anonymity, have said that Fryberg does not fit the profile of these types of shooters. Many of the past high school gunmen were loaners, people that hanged on the peripheral, but Fryberg was popular with a lot of friends, and active in school activities. Many students have expressed their shock and surprise that it was Fryberg that was the shooter, many said it makes no sense. Indications are that Fryberg had recently been suspended for fighting with another student. Some sources are saying that Fryberg had just recently returned to school from that suspension. There have been contradictory reports. Some students say Fryberg was popular, while others say Fryberg, a Native American of the Tulalip Tribe, was mercifully bullied by other bigger students. They say his suspension was a result of him defending himself against bullies who were harassing him, and hurling racial epithets at him. The school will be closed next week, as investigators continue to gather evidence to prepare their reports.


Donna Thomas

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