November 28, 2020

Jennie Nischik- First Baptist Church of Hammond Jack Hyles’ Mistress? (PHOTOS)

A few weeks ago I wrote a story about Jack Hyles’ daughter Cindy Schaap, she is married to the recently former First Baptist Church, or if it should be called a liberty baptist church now, of Hammond’s pastor Jack Schaap who was caught having an affair with an underage church-goer, due to the multiple comments at that story, I decided to do a little research and I have to be honest I was shocked about what I discovered, starting with the late Dr. Jack Hyles and his affair with his secretary Jennie Nischik.

Jack Hyles Jennie Nischik sex scandal

On Cindy Schaap’s story I mentioned that her father Dr. Jack Hyles found himself in the middle of a sex scandal himself some readers disagreed with me, but thank to others who were kind enough to write the sick stories they knew about Dr. Hyles and his family that includes his son David Hyles, His ex-wife Paula Hyles, new  wife Brenda Stevens and the strange deaths of her son Brent Stevens and  their second son Jack David Hyles.

But that was not all, little did I know that most of the Hyles family have been in their own personal sex scandal, Jack Hyles and his alleged affair with his married secretary Jennie Nischik (nee. Corle) , the name might be familiar to many of you reading this story, she was married to 78-year-old Victor Nischik together they had two children 49-year-old Judy and 44-year-old Jack. Vic was a deacon at the Baptist church and teacher at church school on Sunday, in 1989 when he told the world Hyles was having an affair with his wife Jennie, who was forced by Hyles to ask Vic for the divorce.

In an article it was reported that Hyles denied Nischik accusations, he called him an immoral man, that Jennie Nischik caught him [Vic]  bed with another woman, he also said Mr. Nischik was gay.

I then found this article written by Robert Sumner several years ago, I think you all have read, but I would like to share it with you one more time..

“One day Dr. Hyles came to Vic and said, “I need your wife in my office. ” Even though their children were small, both husband and wife were delighted that she could be involved in such a worldwide ministry and Vic readily gave his consent.
A little time went by and the Nischiks began experiencing marital problems. She would not permit Vic to touch her. In 1971, Jennie told Vic she wanted a divorce; in fact, she gave him 24 hours to get out of town and never see his children again. He refused. When she called Hyles to the home, the latter offered Vic financial help to relocate elsewhere, suggesting Denver. Nischik totally rejected the offer, saying he wanted to keep his home together for the children’s sake and because he loved his wife. Nothing was settled that night and the next day the three met again. This time, as Vic testified under oath:

“At that meeting the substance of it was that I produced evidence of an improper relationship between my wife and Hyles, and produced evidence to that effect, which caused him to beg me to stay for the sake of the church and the ministry, and after a number of days discussion, I agreed to stay for the sake of the church and for the sake of my children.” He defined that improper relationship as personal involvement going farther than mere friendship, adding that when he produced his evidence, “. . . Hyles backed off about me leaving and, in fact, begging me to stay, and worked out the arrangement under which we have lived ever since.” So, when this evidence was produced, instead of “get out of town within 24 hours and never see your children again,” it became, in effect, “stay around and put on a front for the good of ‘the ministry’.”

The bizarre solution Hyles worked out for the Nischiks was as follows: continue to live in the same house, but not see, speak, eat together, ride in the same automobile, or even contact one another in any way except for an hour or so on Christmas, exchanging gifts with the children. A schedule was even worked out about when each parent could be with the children, one that was rigidly followed.
At first Vic merely had a rollaway cot in the unfinished basement, but eventually a room was fixed up in one corner, for which he paid Jennie rent, even though he was allowed no physical contact whatsoever with her. This arrangement was “forced” on him and when, under oath, he was asked by his wife’s attorney, William H. Tobin of Saul I Rubin & Associates, “Who forced that arrangement whereby you lived in the basement on you?” he replied, “Hyles did.”

After more than a decade, in 1983, the basement living quarters became very damp and dangerous to Vic’s health, so he went to Hyles and said he was going to move back into the master bedroom with his wife. Hyles told him, “I’d rather build a room for you,” and he himself contacted a building contractor and paid for the addition at a cost, according to Hyles under oath (deposition taken on May 1, 1986), of “approximately $11,000,” and according to Vic under oath (deposition taken on March 10, 1986), “$10,306.” That room was over the garage.
A few years later, when Vic again demanded that Hyles terminate the affair with his wife, Hyles ordered Jennie to file for divorce. She did, but when Hyles realized that Nischik planned to put him on the witness stand in open court, the former met with the attorneys on both sides and unilaterally negotiated the terms of the divorce settlement.

According to Vic’s attorney, Robert Hess of the firm Sachs & Hess, Vic did “everything in his power that is humanly possible” to keep his marriage intact. On May 28, 1986, writing to the Moody Bible Institute, Hess described it: “Initially, in 1971, at the sole request of his wife, he moved into the basement of the parties’ home in order to keep the family together, his family being two young children at that time. He has lived separate and apart from his wife during this period, but in the same home, from 1971 until present, all for the purpose of keeping the family together and also for the purpose of keeping the marriage together even if it was in name only… To show you how strongly he felt about keeping the marriage together, even when the basement started getting water seepage, where it was impossible to live in the basement any longer, he had a dormer added to the home in order to have separate quarters so that his wife would not at that point in time either file a petition for dissolution of marriage or have him evicted from the home in a dissolution of marriage proceeding. This occurred in 1983. Unfortunately, Vic had no control whatsoever over his wife ultimately filing a petition for dissolution of the marriage and that was done as stated above on or about November 4, 1985, at which time Victor retained me to represent his interests in this dissolution of marriage proceeding. ”

Vic opposed the divorce to the very end, even refusing to file a cross-petition, but under Indiana law the only requirement is for one party to state under oath that he/she wants the dissolution. Jennie so stated before Judge Kanz on May 23, 1986, and the divorce was granted. Attorney Hess declared of the case, “I might add that in twenty years of practice I do not recall any other case where an individual like Vic has taken the steps that he did to preserve his marriage, such as living in a basement for twelve years and then building a dormer at considerable expense in order to appease his wife and allow him to stay in the marital home.” It is not merely interesting, but extremely significant that Vic’s employer, the Moody Bible Institute, overruled a century-old policy written by Dwight L. Moody himself, which states, “Divorced, separated, or individuals married to divorced persons will not be employed as members of the Faculty, teaching and/or counseling staff of the Institute. Neither will they be employed at the vice-president, manager or director levels. At the time of the divorce, Vic was the MBI Director of Accounting. Several times he offered his resignation and it was refused.

It was simple disgusting to read about this, Vic Nischik wrote a book “The Wizard Of God” my Life with Jack Hyles. Both of Vic and Jennie’s children have  confirmed their mother’s affair with Dr. Hyles.

Victor Nischik

* Read Judy’s letter to Dr. Hyles here.

* Read Jack Nischik’s statement about Jack Hyles and his mother Jennie Nischik here.

Even Dr. Hyles’ daughter Linda recently talked about her father and brther.

“They didn’t go on vacation without asking my Dad permission, and if he said to drink the Kool-Aid…I’m not kidding…They would’ve.”

“My Dad lived a double life. One of righteous family man and dynamic speaker in the public eye, but one of sordid sexual secrets privately. Secrets only my siblings, my mother, and me knew. He hated my Mom, hated her. treated her terribly, abused her. And…even turned her own children against our mother. We hated her. He told us she was crazy. To make him happy we’d hate her too. Our home was so full of turmoil, stress, strife.”

?”He had affairs. He had a mistress for many years, the wife of a Sunday School teacher. Built her family a beautiful home – right around the corner from our house – you could see their family from our back door. It was craziness – living one way, preaching another.”

?”My brother, my older brother, he became another version of my father. He took a….He pastored a church in Texas…was found to be having affairs with 14 different women…divorced that current wife, married one of the 14…My father tried desperately to cover it up…moved him to a another church, where he was found to have 17…affairs..with different women. He just recreated what my he had seen my Dad live…And my Dad did nothing but cover it up.”

Jack Hyles was not the only Hyles or the only person in the congregation that had issues of this matter..


  • David Hyles, His son cheated on his wife Paula Hyles Polonco with over 19 women, some adult women others were just teenager, for example it was reported that Dave Hyles’s affairs were revealed after a janitor found  pictures of Hyles and the deacon’s daughter having sex. He was expelled from the pastorate and pupit at Miller Road Baptist Church in Garland, Texas.  After his divorced from Paula his wife of 10 years he married Brenda Stevens, accused of abusing her 15-month old son Brent who was found dead at his crib. They later welcomed a son Jack David Hyles who died at age 5 when Brenda ran him over with her car, at the time she said the boy had fallen out of the car and it was impossible not to ran him over.



  • A.V. Ballenger was arrested after he was found guilty of molesting a seven-year-old girl in 1993; he was a deacon at Hyles Baptist church.



  • William S. Beith was arrested for soliciting a male hooker; he also graduated from Hyles- Anderson College, Liberty Baptist Academy’s principal and founder. His son Andy also graduated from Hyles- Anderson, became the principal at LB Academy in 2000, served 15 years in jails after found guilty of coercing and enticing a minor, and transporting a minor across state lines to engage in sexual activity.



  • Jeffrey Jerrell pleaded guilty about having sex with over 10 girls from his youth congregation at Calvary Park Baptist Church’s in Virginia, he was a Hyles- Anderson graduate.


Other Hyles- Anderson graduates: Calvin Stone went to jail after he confessed of molesting a little girl, same happened with Russell Overla, Kerry Martin, Chester Mulligan and former pastors Joe Combs and Timothy Lee Leonard who rape his little adopted daughter.

In case you are wondering what happened to Jennie Nischik, she goes by her maiden name Jennie Corle, she was born on June 1st, 1938 making her today a 74-year-old woman, as far as I know she is single and lives in Schererville, IN.

Victor Peter Nischik resides in Munster, In. with his wife 69-year-old Lenore Harrington Nischik, they got married on September, 1999 in Williamson, County, Texas.

Jack Nischik born on September 21, 1967, I think still lives in Chatsworth, California he is in the architecture and design business. His sister Judy also lives in California with her family.

As always you are welcome to post your comments, ideas, points of view as well as confirm things about this story.

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Listen to David Hyles’ ex-wife Paula talked about her ex and former father in-law Dr. Hyles

Paula Hyles Video
Paula Hyles David Hyles Wife Video

11 thoughts on “Jennie Nischik- First Baptist Church of Hammond Jack Hyles’ Mistress? (PHOTOS)

  1. The church teaches LOYALTY to the Pastor. This is not in the Bible. This church teaches TRUST the Preacher – NO! Trust God. The members of this church have been brain washed and the proof is they don’t know it. Like Linda Hyles Murphrey said, if he had said drink the Kool-ade they would have. Because they loved and TRUSTED him. The Bible teaches, trust no man. Put your trust in God and he will be your confidence and strength. I was a member for 10 years and it took just as many or more to let go of the LOYALTY philosophy and the erroneous teachings of Jack Hyles. Jack Schaap is another matter. I was there his first night, a Wednesday night when he stood up as a visitor…young boy. There is no words to describe his sermon Polishing the Shaft…he should have been escorted off the platform, but Loyalty prevented it. The rest is history.

  2. I enjoyed seeing the Hyles “children” again. I lived up there for seven years while we attended Hyles-Anderson. back in the 1970’s. Thanks for showing a pretty recent picture of them sitting on a couch. I feel so badly for Cindy because of her husband’s crime of sexual abuse. She doesn’t deserve this pain.

    One note, You have it all wrong with the photo of Jennie, she is not the girl you have posted. I knew both her and her husband. She had a old fashioned hairstyle, teased on top, and was the same age as Mrs. Hyles.

  3. We went to Church our pastor was a Hyles graduate, our daughter stayed with him, he stole her innocence, the church covered it, up, but they discovered the truth, later with he had an affair, and was caught with a women in his office. The church apologized, The Damage was Done, Lives ruined, and now we fine out, it went on there, I was asked to go to college there, got calls, but in private I was told I could not go there because I was interracially married. We got sucked in good also, and we just found it out.

  4. I was a member for years. I am so glad I had he sense to get out. So many things are wrong with the community. Although I will say there are also about 50% that are good decent people living for God.

  5. Gossipers are not always right. Thank God for Bro. Hyles and what the Lord have use him to accomplished. Most of this story are myths from anti Hyles.

  6. Some of the photos you have posted are not correct. I don’t see any pictures of Jenny Nischik at all. The younger “Jenny Nischik” photo is of a young lady I went to HAC with in the early 80’s. I can’t remember her name but she is not Jenny Nischik. I attended FBC of Hammond from 81-87.

  7. I remember hearing sermons where Dr. Jack Hyles openly explained how he abused his son David. Of course it was from the pulpit so it would have been subtle, unless you were paying attention. For example: a sermon where he (Jack Hyles) explains how he set up a boxing ring and got the neighbor boys to come over to fight David, explaining he wanted David to be a tough kid and not a whimp. If I remember the sermon correctly he chanted the boys on until one had beaten the other up.

    That my friends is a form of child abuse, when you think about it. This wasn’t a sport he got his son involved in, nor was it a dad teaching his son how to defend himself, although that’s how it is meant. This was instead for his own personal pride and ego. There are a number of red flags like this one that occasionally come up in his sermons.

    By the way, I believe the claims of Christ, and am a christian. Many pastors across the nation stopped using Hyles after they saw the arrogance in him. Recently, I listened to a few Jack Hyles sermons and personally, I didn’t find much substance in them,… they are mostly anecdotal with less scripture constraint and content than I had realized 30 some years prior.

    Lastly, I am not convinced Jack Hyles had salvation correct. He and his contemporaries had basically whittled the gospel down to, what they were accused at the time of being an “easy believe-ism.” In other words repeat a prayer and “if you really, really meant it then you’re good to go.” That gospel appeals to people looking for something in life, kind of like people try exercising, a new diet, or some other thing.

    The true message and the one that has never changed since the time of Adam is “repent and follow.” It sounds similar to what Hyles preached but it is dramatically different, in application. It doesn’t grow churches to any significant size either. hahahaha.

  8. Look my friend, you must be very young. I grew up at FBC and went to HB from 1976 to 1989 I was on the soccer team with jack in HS. I personally saw with my own eyes dr hyles and Jacks mom together. Let’s just say Bro Hyles gave me a “scholarship” to go to High school and play sports if I kept my mouth shut. So all this garbage about everybody lying because their jealous of bro hyles is the biggest con job in the history of man. That man would do anything to protect himself.

  9. Mark, I went to FBC and HB school from 76 to 80 then later attended HAC. I became disillusioned with the entire cult at HAC because of the sexual infidelity that I witnessed first hand and the fact that they hated the Bill Rice Ranch for some reason. Anyway, I’m in the Middle East and just saw Schaap on the news and found this forum out of curiosity.

  10. jack hyles was a liar and probably not even a Christian. he was so deep in sin his entire life yet he would condemn everyone around him. the man is probably in hell as we speak. and I am a graduate of Tennessee temple university,at the time an independent baptisy university. when dr Roberson would have him speak there I was besides myself and would shake my head the entire time. this was a man who was in the middle of a years long affair with the wife of one of his deacons speaking in dr robersons pulpit. just could not understand the invite.

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