November 28, 2020

Jodi Sgouros- Horace Mann School Teacher Aide Caught Bullying Aiken Chaifetz On Tape

Today we heard that the name of the teacher that was caught bullying 10 year-old  Aiken Chaifetz was Kelly Altenburg, who was moved to another school,  the teacher aide who was caught screaming and fired from Horace Mann school is Jodi Sgouros  and this is what we can tell you about her.

Jodi Sgouros Stuart Chaifetz Aiken Chaifetz autism school  teacher wired bully Cherry Hill pic

41 year-old Jodi A. Sgouros  (nee. Schwartz) was the teacher aide accused of teacher bullying at Horace Mann School in New Jersey, she along teacher Kelly Altenburg were caught on tape  by  Stuart Chaifetz who send his ten year-old son Aiken wired to school, Jodi Sgouros has been fired from the Cherry Hill School.

Unfortunately we couldn’t find a picture of Jodi, but we did find some background information, she was born in 1970, she resided in Northport, NY then relocated to Great Neck until settling in Cherry Hill (this document right here if from when Jodi Sgouros and her husband bought their home in Cherry Hill).Her husband is 44 year-old Christopher Sgouros, who might be in the real state business (Csjs Realty LLC), as for her in 1975 she went to Lakeville Elementary School, graduated from Great Neck South High School in 1988.  After the February, 2012 incident where Jodi Sgouros was heard yelling at Aiken Chaifetz she was fired from her job at Horace Mann.

Jodi Sgouros Facebook page is here

3 thoughts on “Jodi Sgouros- Horace Mann School Teacher Aide Caught Bullying Aiken Chaifetz On Tape

  1. When I was in school, teachers often yelled at the kids. Sometimes they lost their temper. I don’t think posting personal information about the teacher aide, or teacher, is appropriate. This should have been handled privately with the school district.

  2. Sara M ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!!! Either you don’t have children or you are just as cold hearted as the lady that committed this horrendous crime and yes i believe it to be a crime! If your child could not speak and was told disturbing things as this child was on a daily basis (i am assuming) would you or would you not want that teacher to be fired, would you want your child to have this teacher??? if you have children can your child verbalize his/her feelings??? Well Akian (this website has his named spelled wrong by the way) COULD NOT!!!! And your telling me this father is taking it too far???????? There is no length that is far enough when it comes to your child. My child CAN communicate for himself and if ANY person called my son a BASTARD i would go to any and ALL measures to make sure that person suffered some repercussions ESPECIALLY if that person was put in charge of teaching and caring for my child. There is no excuse for the way these woman (if you can call them that) behaved it was childish, ignorant, unforgivable and just plain cruel! So no he should not have done this privately because he tried that and got nowhere. Maybe you will not realize this father’s hurt and pain for what his child endured until it happens to you oneday.

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