October 20, 2020

John Bluher Taylor Armstrong New Boyfriend

Meet John Bluher he is a successful lawyer and according to media he might be Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Taylor Armstrong’s new  attorney and boyfriend, so who is this John? Want to know? We can tell you!!

John Bluher Taylor Armstrong lawyer boyfriend photos

Mr. John Bluher from Wyoming went to Cody High School after graduation in 1976, he enrolled at the University Of Wyoming, he graduated in 1980, he then went to the University of Wyoming College of Law, got his JDC in 1983.

In 2000 he was named CCO at Prudential Securities, after that he was  named EVP at Knight Trading Group. On July 2004 he served as Director of Risk in the General Counsel at Janus Capital Group, he also became Lehman Brothers’ Investment Management Division. In 2008 he was named Chief Legal Officer at Neuberger Berman, the following year he was Chief Operating Officer and GC at Endion Capital Partners.

54 year-old John Bluher is married to Stephanie Bluher with who he has three kids, sources said he and Stephanie’s married is falling apart, they also added that Mr. Bluher has been spending a lot of time with Taylor even joined her at her book signing, it was rumored they have been dating for two months already. Taylor and John were first photographed together on February 8th, at that time nobody knew who he was.

But then again this story could be a fake, according to Mr. Bluher is all a fabrication..

“This story is a complete fabrication by someone that wants to hurt Taylor and damage my reputation. To place my name in an article that says Taylor or I are having an affair is libel. There is no affair nor has there been one. Taylor would not have said it to anyone because it hasn’t occurred. Neither she nor I have any relationship other than my working as her legal counsel.

“I did not travel with her on the book tour. I was in New York on business and was invited to have dinner with her and a group of her friends and her manager Robert Thorne, who had to cancel at the last minute, while she was there. I do not spend most of my time in Southern California. I spend very little time in California. This is further evidence of libel and unsubstantiated falsehoods. Your sources are making things up in an attempt to damage my reputation and to damage Taylor.

“Taylor is focused on healing and organizing her life with Kennedy. She wants to help people in abusive relationships. I am working to close the legal issues created by Russell’s death and help Taylor form her new business entities.

“I manage and coordinate all the litigation, non-entertainment legal work for businesses and for her new foundation. I am a member in her companies and a director in her Foundation. Primarily for purposes of being able to sign documents and organize activities while she is away on business, on vacation or just plain busy.”

So Taylor and John might not be dating but still it was good to know more about this guy, who is helping her. right?

John and Taylor split up a few months ago but they never lost contact and rekindled their relationship. Armstrong said she is dating the love of her life, things between the two are getting serious now that he is officially separated from his wife, some said that she would marry him if she could.

“I have met the love of my life. He’s amazing, he’s perfect, he’s everything I’ve ever wanted in my life… He’s diving in the pool right now, and he’s the most beautiful man I’ve ever met in my life,” Taylor said, noting that after the vacation he’d be getting back to work. “He has to work because he has to make a lot of money in order to support me!

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February 6, 2012: Taylor Armstrong leaves Buddakan restaurant in New York City with a new love interest. The two were spotted cozying up together at a table together during dinner and he protectively put his hand on the small of Taylor's back as they left. The "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star shared some painful memories while promoting her new memoir on The Today Show recently, recalling her abusive relationship with estranged husband Russell, who committed suicide shortly before the showÕs second season premiered.<br /><br /><br /><br />
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