November 25, 2020

Jonathan Fuller- Nightingale-Bamford School Teacher (Wife Ruth Fuller)

A favorite teacher among students at Nightingale-Bamford School has been suspended amid allegations he had an affair with a student. We are talking about professor Jonathan Fuller who is married to his wife Ruth mother of his two sons.

Nightingale Bamford School teacher Jonathan Fuller sex scandal

55-year-old Jonathan Fuller a former psychology and science teacher at suspended amid allegations he had an affair with a student Upper east side Nightingale- Bamford School for girls has been suspended after reports of an alleged inappropriate relation between Fuller and a 18 or 19-year-old student was revealed.

Nightingale Bamford School teacher Jonathan Fuller

Professor Fuller was hauled out of a class on Friday after school officials were informed about the alleged affair. Parents of the $40.000 a year school were informed by the school’s principal, however the omit to tell what was the inappropriate behavior.

“I am sorry to have to tell you that this morning I suspended an Upper School faculty member in light of reports received over the past two days that, if true, describe behavior that is not only inappropriate, but also completely inconsistent with our rules and values,” Burke wrote in the three-paragraph letter.

“With the help of independent counsel, we have begun a full investigation and have spoken to all parties involved. We will continue to pursue the facts and will take all appropriate steps going forward, including the teacher’s dismissal, if necessary.”

The school cancelled all of his classes, fall class schedule and syllabus were taken off the school’s website.

Jonathan Fuller Nightingale-Bamford School  profile

Professor Fuller has been in Nightingale for 15 years before his arrival on September, 1997 he was a dean of students at Woodhall School (1986- 1997). Has been described as one of the best teacher at Ninghtingale to the point that his students even created a fan page on Facebook and MySpace.

Jonathan Fuller born on September 1th, 1956 is married to his wife 43-year-old Ruth Fuller (b. Sept. 9th 1969) with whom he has two sons.

teacher Jonathan Fuller wife Ruth Fuller photoRuth Fuller Jonathan Fuller Nightingale-Bamford School  wife

His wife Ruth is an special education teacher, holds a Bachelor and Master’s degree from  New York University and is currently the owner of Long Island Learning Solutions in Huntington, NY.

Jonathan Fuller Nightingale-Bamford School  wife Ruth Fuller

Mrs. Fuller has more than 10 years experience teaching in several New York Schools, New York State certified special educator who is also a certified Wilson instructor and an assistive technology specialist

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