November 27, 2020

Julie Gamble- £45m lotto winner Matt Topham Mother

Last month we found out the names of the lucky lotto winners who won £45m, they are Matt Topham and his fiancée Cassey Carrington, they gave away £1.5 to their best friend Eddie Smith, but Matt bans his estranged mother Julie Gamble from  the money and even from meeting her grandchildren to be. Yikes!!

Matt Topham Cassey Carriengton  45 million lotto winner image

22 year-old painter Matt Topham and his 22 year-old fiancée Cassey Carrington a decorator from Nottingham are getting married in September, Matt said for years he worked painting this luxurious huge houses and wondered what would it be like to live in one, after wining £45,160,170.50  in Tuesday’s EuroMillions, they could move into one of those big houses.

It all began when Carrie set up her online account and the rest is history..

“I did have a feeling I was going to win. The minimum you could put into the account was £5, so I did that and bought one EuroMillions ticket for Friday.”

“I checked the numbers against the ones there, but it wasn’t sinking in that they were the same,” she said. “The first thought was how much we could help our families.”

Cassey planned to buy an Aston Martin (she got a £80,000 Range Rover and  a Jaguar XKR-S from Matt) He also wants to learn to fly, plus they would definitely build a new house, and what about the things they could do to their friends? well the lucky friend was web development Eddie Smith who will receive half a million from his best friends.

Matt also plans to pay his father 67 year-old Brian’s mortgage and help his younger brother and sister, but he is giving nothing to his mother 49 year-old Julie Gamble an office worker (who is now married to her husband Jason Gamble with whom she has two teenage sons ages 14 and 19) who he hasn’t see since her divorce from Brian Topham seven years ago after 14 years of marriage, the last time they saw each other was on Christmas 2004 when he dropped by he house to get his Christmas presents. Julie said she has been trying to see Matt  even before he won the jackpot, it was until recently she wrote him a letter..

“Dear Matthew, I have waited seven years to see you, my son, to no avail.

Every year there were Christmas cards and presents waiting for you and every year you chose not to come to see me. You need to realise that I wanted a relationship with my eldest son way before your good fortune.

However, now this has happened, I doubt there will be any way forward for us. I have sat here many nights in tears at the thought of losing you. You made that decision to stay with your father all those years ago and I respected that.

To make life easier on all three children, I bought a house a few doors away so they could visit their father and you could visit your mother. Does that sound like the act of a selfish person to you? I suppose the only real shame is that neither of us shared what a mother and son should have.

You will no doubt one day soon have children of your own and I truly hope that they will have a happy and stable life, being able to make decisions freely whilst undeterred from bad influences. If you truly believe there is no way forward for us then please at least have the decency to tell me why?

That is all I have wanted in the last seven years.

Take care and be happy — Mum

Not just did Matt banned Julie from the money but also from his and his future children with Cassey.

“Whatever Matt says I will always love him as a son. But as far as he is concerned I don’t exist. He made it clear he never wanted to hear from me again and said if he has children then I won’t see them.

“He said he doesn’t want me in his life, or his fiancée Cassey’s — nor their future children. His letter reads as though he hates me. But how can he hate me when he doesn’t even know me any more?”

“I’ve heard about Matt and Cassey giving the cash to Eddie and I say good luck to them all. I don’t expect any of the money and don’t want any. I’d just like to see Matt again and have him explain why he has banned me from his life.”

Julie got married to her second husband 41 year-old Jason Gamble on October 2011, she said while Matt youngers siblings dropped by to see their father, Matt decided to cut all bond from her, but she never understood why..

“My marriage to Brian had been a nightmare for years. I really should have left him after we had Matt.

“But the other children came along and I stuck it until I just had to get out. If I had been having an affair or seeing someone else, I would have probably understood why Matt would have shunned me.

“But that was not the case. I had never been unfaithful. It broke my heart that Matt decided not to move in with me and his brother and sister.

“But my door was always open for him. The other children went to visit their dad regularly, but Matt completely cut me out of his life. It was heart-rending knowing he was living so close but didn’t want anything to do with me.

“His brother and sister have had a happy family life, popping down to see their dad whenever they wanted. But Matt never came near and must have avoided even passing my door as I never saw him.”

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