January 22, 2021

Justine Karain ( Justine Reed) No Longer A Caddie For PGA Husband Patrick Reed!

Now that pretty blond Justine Karain ( Justine Reed) married the man she was golf caddy for, her services are longer required. Karain and PGA golfer Patrick Reed are now husband and wife, and he has a new male caddy to take her place.Justine Karain ( Justine Reed) No Longer A Caddie For PGA Husband Patrick Reed

Karain an avid golfer herself, is now happily Mrs. Patrick Reed. He has two championship wins under his belt, the Wyndham in August of 2013 and the Humana challenge in January of this year. His beautiful wife Justine who he married in 2012 was also a former 24 hour care nurse, who grew up in Houston, Texas. In addition to be a recreational golfer, she was a competitive soccer player and swimmer. After she graduated from High School she went on to college to pursue a life long dream of becoming a nurse. She graduated from Our lady of the lake College in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Impressively she earned two Bachelor’s degrees one in Nursing and one in Health Services Administration. Justine says the things that are most important to her now are her husband, her family and competition. Interestingly Mrs. Reed did act as his golf caddy after they married in 2012. When she learned she was pregnant with a girl, she stopped being his caddy, and her brother Kessler Karain became Reed’s caddy. The couple had a daughter in May Windsor-Wells. Now Justine Karain Reed is a devoted golf wife and doting first time mom.

When Reed started competing  in professional golf tournaments in 2012 he and Justine had already been dating for three years. Besides Kessler she also has two other siblings another brother Dan and a sister, Kristine. It is through her sister Kris that Justine met her future husband. Kristine and Patrick Reed were friends and classmates at LSU, Louisiana Laboratory School in Baton Rouge. Justine was working on her nursing degree nearby. Justine said that the very first day they met she knew he would be her husband. They became engaged on January 9th, 2012, the day their beloved LSU football team were in the playoffs. Justine has said it was a mutual decision for her not to be his caddy anymore, but it was still very difficult not being his caddy for the first time. She said she got very used to carrying his 45 pound around for five miles. She not only was used to it, she really enjoyed doing it, and felt it was an important factor in his game, that she was always right there. Being off the course and not being his caddy has been tough, now she is his cheerleader. She is always at every game, tournament and practice session, cheering him on, and offering up sometimes constructive criticism. Her husband also grew up in Texas but in San Antonio, but the family relocated to Baton Rouge Louisiana shortly before he started high school. He graduated from University High School in Baton Rouge, where he excelled on the golf team. While still in high school he won the 2006 junior  British Open and also won the state medalist honors in 2007.

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