January 16, 2021

Kevin Manno is Ali Fedotowsky’s New Boyfriend! (Photos, wiki, bio)

Kevin Manno is the new boyfriend of Ali Fedotowsky, reality TV show Bachelorette star. The last boyfriend she had was Roberto Martinez who was not only an insurance agent but also a winner on her show. If you do not know who Kevin Manno is, he is the host of TV show Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition. This means that Kevin is not a total stranger to Ali.


Kevin is single now but he has been married and only got separated from his wife in 2011. Kevin was working for MTV then and he and his wife moved to Chicago but their relations soured and finally the two divorced each other. Kevin Manno was born in Indiana but studied in Chicago. He shifted to New York when he got an offer from MTV. However, he had to relocate to Chicago as the show that MTV offered to him got canceled. Kevin is a family man and he is believed to be very close to his brother Ryan with whom he has created tons of content for their Internet program called The Manno Program.


If you think Kevin is no winner, you are wrong. He actually won an Emmy in the category of Daytime Entertainment for his show The Seven during 2011-2012. Kevin has not been a VJ only for MTV as he has also worked for alt-rock station Q101. Kevin once surprised Justin Bieber on his show The Seven. Kevin resembles a lot with Frank. Frank is the guy who broke Ali’s heart on her show when he ran back to his home in Chicago to be with his girlfriend.  

The last time Ali and Kevin Manno were spotted together was on May 5 near Little Next Door café in LA.