March 1, 2021

Lane Hirsch is Chris Isaak Ex-Tech Guy

Talk about wrongful termination…what do you think of this?? 56 year old American musician Chris Isaak is being sued by his former technician, read about this “unfair” case.

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We all have heard about wrongful things happening at work, either to you or someone you know, now it seems this is the case of Lane Hirsch, a technician and a lighting designer who worked for 17 years with singer Chris Isaak.

Can you imagine working with someone this long and thinking you are doing what you love, what rocks your world and then you wake up one day to be fired!!!! You need to do something about it right! So I don’t blame Hirsch at all for going after the singer with this lawsuit. And now what happens?? Well brace yourself because there is a little more than an angry ex-worker now, he is talking about everything that went on during the singer’s tours!

54-year-old Lane took to Isaak’s attention what was going on, that two female roadies were being treated horribly and even worse he was on the receiving end of anti-gay comments! Poor guy he was just trying to do the honorable thing here!! He was defending this girls and sticking up for himself! Think about if it happened to you would you keep your mouth shut?? Why?? I don’t think so!

Apparently the singer did nothing! Of course it is always easier to do nothing! and not to listen to others! But does this smells kind of fishy to you as well?? Why not to act on something this serous? Are we learningn true colors of the rock singer?? How can he not care, specially when this guy has been working for him so long! Even more when on a tour is all about team work!

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Lane Hirsch (b.August 08, 1958) began his touring in 1878 with Iron Butterfly, soon he was working with big names like Peter Frampton, Al Stewart, Dwight Twilly, Robin Trower, The Cretones, The Fixx, Ronnie Laws, Rick Derringer, Pete Bardens, The Rembrandts and Three Dog Nightal, in the 90’s he worked with Pat Benatar, Fleetwood Mac, Bette Midler, Rick Springfield, James Taylor, Olivia Newton John, Don Henly, David Bowie, Rod Stewart, Barry Manilow, Fiona Apple, Duran Duran, Linda Ronstadt.

Hirsch worked as lighting director for Ringo Starr before he left his job in 1994 to work for Isaak as a Lighting Director, Design, Programmer, Drum Tech, the job he began doing on June, 1995 until recently.

“I have worked with Chris Isaak as Lighting Director, Designer, Lighting programmer, Set Designer,and Drum tech since 1995. I helped on both The Chris Isaak Show and The Chris Isaak Hour.”

You can find Lane at his website here

Can you think of the reasons to fire him?? Age?? Too whiny?? Too unfair??

We’ll see what happens, you think Isaak might be somehow the good guy here?

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One thought on “Lane Hirsch is Chris Isaak Ex-Tech Guy

  1. Really, this post seems to be clearly written by the guy suing or a friend. Leave the issue to the courts. I mean why are the 2 girls in question not suing? They were the ones “wronged”. And why would he work for him almost for 20 years if things were so bad? The whole reason why bands and singers have tour managers and managers is to take care of issues like this. You can not blame the artist. So yes, I think Chris Isaak is a good guy. Sounds like sour grapes on the part of this lighting guy. Maybe he deserved to get fired and is using this to sue. Why can’t he just go get another job if he is so invaluable? Well as soon as other bands read these stupid posts, that may be why. This is what is wrong with our country, they are sue happy. Be thankful for the time worked, and move along.

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