March 2, 2021

Lauren Odes Fired from her Job for Being Too Sexy

Check out this petite hottie Lauren Elizabeth Odes who used to work at a lingerie store until her bosses said she was too sexy to continue working for them she that had to let her go, Lauren did not stand and watch, she lawyer up and  guess you is her attorney? That’s right Gloria Allred!

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29 year-old Lauren Elizabeth Odes got a job at Natives Intimates as a production assistant, but then she was told her boobies are too big and that she was too hot for her job position, so the next day she wore leggings and a sweater but still her bosses were not satisfied, a day later she wore a knees- length dress but the supervisor told her she should try pushing down her breast to make them look smaller, Odes was given  two choices either  buy another outfit or wear a disgusting red bathrobe with a black guitar motif  of the rack, so Odes put on the robe, everyone there made fun about her, she ran out of the store in tears, and headed to a store to buy another outfit, while she was shopping she received a call telling her she was fired. You can see Lauren on Facebook here

“We should not be judged by the size of our breasts or the shape of our bodies.”

“I understand there are Orthodox Jewish men who may have their views on how a woman should dress and how much she should be covered.. But I am Jewish as well and don’t feel any employer has the right to impose their religious beliefs on me.”

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6 thoughts on “Lauren Odes Fired from her Job for Being Too Sexy

  1. Ohh Kermiieee! She’s a Pigtoria’s Secret model. Maybe she should have kept that secret. Oink, Gloria Allred is my lawyer Cha ching!!

  2. It’s actually hard to tell what happened here. It would be helpful if she showed photos of how she was dressed when she was told she wasn’t dressed properly. She says the supervisor who made her wear the robe was a woman, so why is she saying “Orthodox Jewish men who may have their views on how a woman should dress and how much she should be covered” when she should know full well that Orthodox Jewish women share those views? This and other details make this lawsuit sound like one of the many lawsuits by bad employees against fair employers who use some excuse or techniacality to get money, fame, and revenge.

    OTOH, considering the inconsistencies on the side of the employer (at least, if we believe her account. Did the employer release any account of what happened?) it may be that the employer is at fault. She says she was told to dress like everyone else, but without specific instructions she could honestly try to imitate them yet fail because she only thinks to imitate the style (casual, business, etc) without imitating the crucial parts like covering the right parts of the body with not-too-tight clothing.

    For future reference, the minimum requirements are to cover everything between the knees, elbows and, neck, including the knees and elbows. There is a small amount of license in the neck area, but definitely not so much as to expose the chest, let alone the breasts. Also the clothing in those areas can’t be too tight, and pants can be worn under a skirt, but the skirt has to be of proper length. Only the outer clothing can’t be tight, so the pants can be tight. There are those who say that the entire leg should be covered, but that can be achieved with (non-transparent?) stockings or socks.

    “We should not be judged by the size of our breasts or the shape of our bodies.” – That’s exactly why the bodies should be put out of the way, so they don’t draw attention away from the person. From her photos, she looks like she likes to make her body the focus of attention, doing what she can to make herself appear sexy. Orthodox Jewish women try to look appealing by looking pretty, elegent, etc, not by accentuating, promoting, and advertising their sexuality. To then complain that she should not be judge based on how sexy she is when she does everything she can to look sexy and get everyone’s eyes on her sensual curves is hypocrytical and ridiculous. It also seems to be normal, which just goes to show how entitled everyone nowadays feels, as if they have the right to do what they want without criticism, without even being thought of in a way they don’t want to be thought of.

  3. Completely madeup story by Pigtoria model. Check her background history of employment first to see if she has done this in the past.

  4. Anytime that worthless fame w***e Gloria Allred is involved it is probably BS. BTW, this girl is no where near too hot! Woof!

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