November 24, 2020

Lindsay Sandiford British woman Sentenced to death in Indonesia for Smuggling Drugs

Lindsay Sandiford a elder woman from the UK was arrested last year in Bali, Indonesia after she was found with $2.5 worth of cocaine, today 8 months after her arrest she heard her sentence- DEATH!!!

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56-year-old Lindsay Sandiford from Redcar on Teesside was arrested last May in Bali after she was found carrying with 4.8kg of cocaine worth $2.5 million into Bali inside her suitcase. She was of the 12 Britons that were arrested for the same charges and like Mrs. Sandiford they also face the death penalty. She said she was forced into it because her children were threatened.

‘I would never have become involved in something like this but the lives of my children were in danger and I felt I had to protect them.’

Mrs. Sandiford moved to Gloucestershire before moving to Bali last January, she was once a legal secretary, her sons are 23-year-old Elliot and 21-year-old Lewis.

It is believed she met with the drug gang two days prior to her arrest, they gave her the drug and on May 19th she was arrested. After days of interrogation she pointed them to the other members of the gang

Lindsay Sandiford

43-year-old Julian Ponder, an antiques restorer from Brighton, 39-year-old Rachel Dougall who is Ponder’s GF and 39-year-old Paul Beales.

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Lindsay Sandiford said she was giving the suitcase with the drug previously place inside the lining of her suitcase by Paul Beales, she was  supposed to take a fight to Bangkok where she would hand the suitcase to Ponder and his girlfriend Rachel Dougall.

Rachel was sentenced to one year in prison, Beales to four, Ponder awaits his sentence he could also face the death penalty.

Lindsay Sandiford will appeal in two weeks, but if she can’t escaped the death sentence she will be taken  to a small island known as ‘Indonesia’s Alcatraz’, where she will be blindfolded, tied to a pole and executed by firing squad.

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