October 25, 2020

Ling Gu is China’s President Hu Jintao’s Aide Ling Jihua’s Son Killed in Ferrari Crash (PHOTOS)

Ling Gu was allegedly the half naked man  killed in a fatal car crash in March where he driving his Ferrari Spider at high speed with two naked women crashed against a metal guardrail under Baofusi Bridge. He was killed while the two women one left permanently paralyzed remain in critical condition. Gu is the son of Ling Jihua who is President Hu Jintao’s most loyal aide.

Ling Gu Ling Jihua son ferrari crash pic

According to recent media reports 23-year-old Ling Gu  was driving his Ferrari 458 Spider on March 18th at about 4:30 a.m at high speed, media said he had his pants down the two young women riding in he car with him were either fully or half naked. The Ferrari impacted with such force against the metal railing that  it split in two, certainly most of you never heard of such accident because the news was almost deleted overnight.

“We received the call around 4:24 Sunday morning. One injured woman, 31 years old, sustained a head injury and a fractured right leg, and she was sent to the [nearby] 306th Hospital of PLA for treatment,” the media officer surnamed Li from the BEMC told the Global Times yesterday, without giving any information about the other woman. The Beijing News reported yesterday that the other injured woman, in her 20s, was sent to another hospital due to severe facial burns.”

The name of the deceased driver was allegedly falsified from the death certificate, it said the driver was named Jia, some people wondered if he was the son of  former president Jiang Zemin’s aide Jia Qinglin.

Jia was furious over the news, so he allegedly conducted his own investigation and it was he who with no struggle found out the real identity of the deceased driver in the Ferrari as that of Ling Gu, his female passenger are reportedly Tibetan and Uighur students from Beijing’s Minzu University.

But media in China knew something wrong was going on who could be the driver at the $1M Ferrari, the son of who prominent man in china could have been behind the wheel  with no pants? why  and how did that father managed to disappeared almost all of his son’s involvement in that tragic accident? sadly not everything can be hidden and so after nearly 5 months in research the The South China Morning Post revealed that the young man dead driving the Ferrari was Ling Gu the son of Ling Jihua who as we all know is China’s President Hu Jintao’s most loyal aide. Did I mention China banned internet searches for the word Ferrari?

Mr. Jihua left his post as director of the general office of the Communist Party’s central committee now a position given to Li Zhanshu, while Ling Jihua was named new head of the United Front Work Department a less powerful role.

Peking University

Ling Gu was a student at Peking University, a political science teacher at the University, Yang Chaohui said they haven’t seen Ling Gu since March.

“We have discussed this matter in class. I personally am quite concerned about this matter and according to various signs, I think we can confirm that his death is a true fact,” Yang said.

Ling Jihua son crash Ling gu

Ling Gu was the only son of 56-year-old Ling Jihua, who is a graduate from Hunan University, former clerk and deputy secretary at CCYL Committee, former deputy head of the Theoretical Committee of Hebei Province as well as at the Theoretical Research Division of the Propaganda Department of the CCYL Committee, former head of the Third research team of the general office of the central Committee of the CCP, director of the research Office Of the Central General Office Of the CCP, Deputy Director of the Central General Office of the Central Committee of the CCP, in 2002 he was elected an alternate member at the 16th party congress to he Central Committee.

Liping Gu Ling Jihua wife

His mother Gu Liping is Youth Business China’s founder and director- general, before that she was chairman of several technologies companies in China. Ling Gu was admitted at the School of International Affairs at Peking University in 2007.

Ling Gu Crash News Video

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