November 26, 2020

Maddie Bisanz is Joe Mauer Girlfriend

To all female fans of Minnesota Twins Joe Mauer, I am so sorry to tell you that he is off the market as he recently popped the question to his sexy girlfriend Maddie Bisanz, Have you met her? Would you like to?

Joe Mauer girlfriend maddie bisanz

year-od Joe Mauer from Minnesota  he went to Cretin-Derham Hall High School, where he not just an accomplish baseball player but also an amazing basketball player and and even more fantastic quarterback, he was so damn good that in 2001 he was  named Gatorade National Player of the Year in both baseball and football. He left  college behind him to enter in the Major league, and by college I mean he turned down his scholarship from Florida State University.

He made his debut with the Twins on April 4th, 2006, from that day until today he has been awarded many times in 2006 he became AL Battling Champion  once again in 2008 and a year after that, he also is a 3 time gold Glove award champ and silver Slugger and  was  the 2009 AL Most Valuable Player and the bad news is that on December 11, 2011 he and his girlfriend for 18 months got engaged  over the weekend at Sanibel Florida.

So  who is Joe Mauer’s girlfriend? The lucky gal’s name is Maddie Bisanz and she is one sexy girl, let’s me tell you just the few things I know about her, 28 year-old Bisanz graduated in 2001 from Cretin-Derham Hall High School so this means they known each other for about 7or 8 years aprox, enough for them to referred  to each other as best friends. Maddie is currently a nurse at St. Paul, Minnesota.

There is no more to say but Congratulations!! we wish you a life together fill with happiness! Hope to hear abut the wedding date since they still haven’t decide on one yet.

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2 thoughts on “Maddie Bisanz is Joe Mauer Girlfriend

  1. who ever said that, that was very rude she is a pretty and very nice looking girl. Have you meet her? No. Exactly you don’t know her it’s just like a book you can judge her by a picture and just because he is rich and famouse dosnt mean that she just started liking him when he became famous.. and FYI she is not pregnant.. And Joe, I am your biggest biggest biggest fan you are such a good ro-model to me and you are an AMAZING baseball player! Good luck! and she (Maddie) better treat u right you deserve it!
    love, you absolute biggest fan EVER, Jordyn Jansen
    (ps yes, I am a girl I get asked than on email as letter all the time so I thought I better tell you)

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