November 25, 2020

Mark Zuckenberg and Priscilla Chan’s Wedding Photos!!

Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuchenberg and hid live-in girlfriend Priscilla Chan are officially married, both updated their relationship status to married and best of all is that they shared their wedding pictures with everybody, so we have those for you, right here!

Facebook Mark Zuckenberg Priscilla Chan wedding pic

28 year-old Mark Zuckenberg and 27 year-old Priscilla Chan invited less than 100 people to their Palo Alto home for what  friends thought to be a graduation celebration, since Pricilla graduated from Medical School at the University of California, but the Zuckenbergs had a little surprise of their own!!

Mark and Priscilla’s love Story began at a party during Mark’s sophomore year at Harvard, the started dating in 2003, seven years later he asked her to moved in with him at a Palo Alto house he was renting before buying his current house also in Palo Alto.

Priscilla’s Facebook page is here

Chan from Boston, studied at Quincy High School worked as a 4th and 5th grade science teacher at Harker School in San Jose, California. After graduated in 2003 she went to Harvard University, she graduated in 2007 (Biology) and enrolled at the University of California in San Francisco.

Last March I remember reading an article (read about that here)where they talked about Mark finally  changing his status to “In a relationship”, some said that was  because they just got engaged, rumors said he popped the question with a gigantic ruby ring he designed himself, but nobody expected these two would walk the aisle anytime soon, well it took them a year, which is my opinion is quite the right time to plan a wedding, probably Priscilla was planning to graduated from med school before getting married, now I wonder if a year from now we will be meeting their little Mark or sweet Pricilla?

maybe I just going to fast, or  who knows?? oh well why  don’t we take a look at Mar and Pricilla’s wedding pics?

Mark Zuckenberg Priscilla Chan wedding picMark Zuckenberg Priscilla Chan wedding pics

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