January 15, 2021

Martha Nicholas Virginia Cancer Fake Patient

A woman from Virginia named Martha Nicholas  passed as a cancer patient so she could get money for her alleged illness which she said it was terminal

Martha Nicholas fake cancer patient photo

42 year-old Martha Nicholas from Hanover, Virginia said she was a cancer patient at Virginia Cancer Hospital,  allegedly with the help of fundraisers  Mrs. Nicholas underwent chemotherapy treatment.

She attended cancer fundraisers events, gave a speech once in a while and there was one time she attended in a wheelchair because she said to feel too week from her treatment, but according to media this married mother of three was lying.

At the hospital where she claimed she was treated there is no single record of her as a patient and he same at other hospitals where she said she had chemotherapy, it is believed that she  received  over $10.000 to treat her disease from fundraisers, these people also invited to use their beach  houses for her recovery.

Martha Nicholas said by the time she was 22 she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, recently she refereed to herself as a four time cancer patient, but  there are no proves that is true no hospital records, nothing. Her lawyers spoke in her defense and said that she did have a diseased but a mental disease.

Martha Nicholas is been charged with two counts of misdemeanor for obtaining money by false pretenses. She will be at the Hanover General District Court on Dec. 16

This is a little bio we have on Martha Nicholas

Her full name is Martha Yarrington Nicholas from Richmond, Virginia she is married to Steve Nicholas and together have three children two boys and a  girl.

Martha Nicholas fake cancer patient with husband Steve photo Martha Nicholas fake cancer patient with children photo

She said that from 1990 worked as Marketing coordinator at CRX, Inc, she also took time from 1993 to 2006 to help her husband Steve as a SVP Corporate Executive Wife at Saxon Mortgage, she she said  that

“she supported her husband  as well as she was  part of his team to help him by coordinating, hosting and participating in corporate activities and events and was COO of her household as Steve traveled and worked 60+ hours a week, taking care of their home, 3 children and all that those things alone entail.”

Four years ago she worked 9 months at Sycamore Funding as a State Licensing director, since 2005 she was a volunteer advocate with the American Cancer Society and in September 2007 she funder Nicholas Industries, LLC where she also served as a writer and public speaker, on March 2011 an event called Candles from Martha celebrated her long brave battle with Cancer at the the Chester E. Fritz Stadium – Hermitage High School.

Martha Yarrington Nicholas speaks about her and her family and the labor they do in the community..

Assisting in ways to raise awareness and funding for the American Cancer Society. I love being room parent and volunteering at my children’s schools assisting on various school projects. My children and I do Meals on Wheels, take animals to visit the elderly in nursing homes and help in any way we can at a couple of local facilities for children awaiting foster care. I am a member of our church’s Missions and Christian education committees, teach Sunday school and am a regular leader for Children’s church. I stay involved in various political volunteering. My husband and I do Christian counseling and give assistance to troubled married couples. We also as a cancer surviving family counsel and assist cancer patients in any way they might need. I, personally really enjoy family weekends at our river home, the beach anywhere, traveling as many places as possible as often as I can, playing golf, snow and water skiing, reading, movies and trying anything new at least once.

Her husband Steve Nicholas a University of Virginia graduate, former Lance Corporal with the United States Marine Corps (1990-93) former senior vice president at Saxon Mortgage, independent contractor at Nicholas Industries and certified AED specialist- territory manager at Cardiac science said to feel hurt about his wife lies regarding her disease.

Martha Nicholas fake cancer patient picMartha Nicholas fake cancer patient picsMartha Nicholas fake cancer patient pictureMartha Nicholas fake cancer patient pictureS

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2 thoughts on “Martha Nicholas Virginia Cancer Fake Patient

  1. As a Cancer survivor I think this woman has serious mental issues and needs to be brought to justice for this thievery, yes thievery. She lied and had people praying for her and sending her money for a disease she never even had…….serious mental issues here, or greed issues. I feel sorry for her kids and as for her husband, did he know…….I mean all this fakery and the husband didn’t know? Some people are just……sick, pardon the pun!

  2. Part of her punishment is she should doesn’t go to jail, she should be ordered by the courts to volunteer working in a Cancer clinic or hospital so she can see how real people deal with this terrible disease.

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