November 30, 2020

Matt Sandusky is Jerry Sandusky’s Son (PHOTOS)

Jerry Sandusky is in the middle of an ugly trial facing over 40 rape accusations against young boys including the one made by his own adopted son Matt Sandusky. Want to know more about him? Didn’t his mother Dottie Sandusky knew something?


Things can’t get any worse for Jerry Sandusky, only that it can because today his own son Matt Sandusky said he was sexually abused  by his father. You can read about that here.

33-year-old Matt Sandusky, was just a twenty-year-old when sports Illustrated approached him in 1999 and asked him about his life with the Sanduskys. This is what Matt told them..

My life changed when I came to live here,” says Matt. “There were rules, there was discipline, there was caring. Dad put me on a workout program. He gave me someone to talk to, a father figure I never had. I have no idea where I’d be without him and Mom. I don’t even want to think about it. And they’ve helped so many kids besides me.”

It is true that Matt born in a town near State college to Debra Long. He has one biological brother Ron Heichel. By the time he turned eight he was already a trouble child, it was around that time that Matt entered the Second Mile program. Five years later Matt had  his first serious ran with the law, nobody said exactly what it was, but somehow it was leaked that in 1995 Matt tried to take his life. Why? maybe as a way out from Jerry’s abuse? Maybe

It was after this incident that Dottie and Jerry Sandusky took Mart into their home as a foster child and adopted him two years later.

Matt Sandusky graduated  from Penn State in 2000 with a degree in guidance. in 2002 he was charged with harassing his high school ex-girlfriend (that her in the prom pic below) and her new boyfriend He is one of the youngest son of the six children the Sanduskys adopted. his eldest brother is 46-year-old Ray, 41-year-old EJ, 38-year-old Kara, 35-year-old Jeff and 33-year-old Jon. Matt  was married to Jill Thomas with whom he has three children.

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