February 28, 2021

Daniel Crespo, Mayor Of Bell Gardens Shot Dead, Wife Levette Crespo Questioned And Released!

In some shocking and very sad news the mayor of Bell Gardens CA was shot dead by his wife of 27 years. Daniel Crespo, 45 the mayor since last year of the Los Angeles suburb, was shot and killed by his high school sweetheart Levette Crespo, 43. The couple were in the middle of a heated argument when the couple’s 19-year-old son Daniel Jr. ┬átried to intervene. Crespo punched his son in the face, it is at that point that Levette grabbed her husband’s gun and shot him 3 times in the torso. He was pronounced dead on arrival at St. Francois Hospital in Lynnwood, CA. The couple are originally from Brooklyn, New York. The two were married as teenagers when Levette then 16 was pregnant with the couple’s oldest child now 26. It’s unclear at this time who called 911, but they were called at 2:30 pm. The ambulance arrived to the condominium complex the family lived in. The entire family the two adult children and the couple lived in the condo. Crespo died in route to the hospital and was pronounced dead on arrival.

Tragedy in Bell Gardens!
Tragedy in Bell Gardens!

Bell Gardens is a city of about 44,000 people. It’s one of five cities in LA county that allows gambling,there are 88 cities in LA County. Crespo was also a probation officer for LA County at the time of his death. He had worked with the probation department for the last 15 years, 8 of them in the juvenile ┬ádivision. The last few years he was an adult supervisor. Many co-workers and friends have expressed their condolences on Tuesday and Wednesday. Crespo was elected to the city council in 2001 and had been active in community affairs prior to that, he was elected to the office of mayor last year.

Priscilla Flores is now the acting mayor until a special election can be held. Flores said her thoughts and prayers are with the Crespo family and it doesn’t appear that Crespo’s death had anything to do with his job as the mayor nor any city business. Mrs. Crespo and her son Daniel, 19, surrounded to police immediately, and were questioned at the Bell Gardens Police Department. The son was transported to the hospital with severe facial injuries that he suffered when he was punched by his father. No charges were filed against Mrs. Crespo or her son. It is also believed that Mrs. Crespo used her husband’s gun to shoot him to death. Neighbors who knew the couple are telling reporters that that Mrs. Crespo was a very jealous woman always suspicious of her husband, and always accusing him of cheating on her. The neighbors are saying that the couple have had many loud and scary types of arguments in the past, and they are surprised that the police have never been involved prior to the shooting. The Bell Garden police have indicated they are turning the case over to the district attorney’s office to determine if any charges should be filed in this case.

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