February 24, 2021

Meet Daredevil artist Nik Wallenda’s wife Erendira Wallenda (PHOTOS)

On June 15, Nik Wallenda became the first man to cross Niagara Falls from a tightrope, thousands of people cheered for him including his beloved  family his three children and loving wife Erendira Wallenda who is also an acrobat.

Nik Wallenda wife Erendira Wallenda

33-year-old Nik Wallenda the great-grandson of the famous Karl Wallenda who died during walked in Puerto Rico between two towers when winds exceeded 30 mph he was 73. Nik’s mother Delilah and his father Terry Troffer put Nik on the circus at the age of three, at 9 he was on a tightrope, and 4 years later he was a professional performer.

He met nine-generation acrobat  Erendira Vazquez (she started performing when she was five) from the Flying Vasquez family of trapeze artists, who he later married in 2000, he proposed on a tightrope 9.1 meter high in 1999. Erendira Wallenda and her Daredevil hubby have been blessed with three adorable children ten-year-old Yanni, 7-year-old Amadaos, and five-year-old Evita. They reside  in Florida and all all have been on a tightrope. Eremdira Wallenda and her amazing family appeared on the 2011 television series documentary Life On A Wire.

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