October 19, 2020

Mona Schmitz is Megaupload Founder Kim Schmitz Wife

Meet Mona Schmitz or Mona Dotcom she is the pretty wife of Megaupload founder Kim Schmitz aka Kim Dotcom, Kimble, Kim Tim Jim Vestor, Mr Dotcom, who is currently under arrest for charges of criminal copyright infringement related to the Megaupload site, but would you like to know more about Kim’s wife Mona? Check it out!!

Unfortunately there is zero information about Mona, I guess  Kim really know how to protect his family, but we heard Mona a former model from the Philippines have been married to Kim for quite some time, she is the proud mother of their three children two sons and a daughter and soon she will be giving birth to her twins, her due date in April. She lives with her children and hubby at their Coastesville Mansion in Auckland, New Zealand.

Because she is over 6 months pregnant she wasn’t at Kim’s court appearance, but she was enjoying the amazing fireworks display on New Year’s eve courtesy of her hubby who allegedly threw $500.00 for the spectacle that he and Mona watched aboard their private helicopter.

On February 29th Kim Dotcom was released on bail, he asked the High Court at Auckland for expenses money ($28,000 per month for living costs, $29,000 per month for staff costs and a one-off payment towards the rent) so far he has given $30,000 to live off for the next three weeks, Mona his lovely wife who is pregnant with twins will be apparently under investigation as investigators believed Mona Schmitz could have been involved in Megaupload. Mona would receive $20,000 for living expenses, $12,650 for medical expenses pertaining to the birth of her twins, and a 2010 Toyota.


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