January 15, 2021

Monica Burgos is Bruce Beresford Redman’s Wife

Have you hard about this horror story?? It might as well be something out from the survivors producer’s mind!! Here the story about his diseased wife who after a vacation never came back home.

monica burgos

Monica Burgos Beresford-Redman was married to Bruce Baresford Redman and had two children together, Camila and Alec. Now like many other horrific news we hear the former CBS network producer and husband is the primary suspect of her death.

She was originally from Brazil and was born on April 8, 1969; Burgos was a business woman and owned the restaurant and bar Zabumba in Venice Cali.

Monica was allegedly killed by her producer husband while vacationing at a resort in Cancun on April 2010, it seems Bruce Baresford was caught cheating on her. Why the rich and famous always seem to be the most cu cu!? And can you believe their children were there too!

Burgos’s body was found several days later in the resort sewer! And the police report showed she died due to scratch marks on her neck. damage to her right temple and signs of asphyxiation.

Although the producer was arrested he managed to leave Mexico and got back to the US, he became a fugitive in the eyes of the judge since it was enough evidence to point him out and was extradited back to Mexico in 2011, now he is waiting for his trial in a Mexican prison. Why run if you have nothing to hide huh!

This what he had to say from his jail cell:

“This is the first time I’ve chosen to speak,” he pleaded. “Everyone seems to have decided that I killed my wife. I didn’t kill my wife, I really didn’t.”

Now, after three years of her brutal murder it seems justice might bring her family a little peace.

Burgos’ sister Carla Burgos re opened her sister’s restaurant in her honor and renamed it Kikafulo.

If Burgos is convicted in Mexico he could face up to 30 years. Check more about Monica Burgos Here


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