September 19, 2020

Monique Reynolds Is Terrel Owens Baby Mama

NFL Wide receiver Terrell Owen is currently a free agent, he is not in any teams’ rooster which also means he is not getting any money and is one good reason to have his child support payment reduced but one of his baby mama’s Monique Reynolds is not happy about it.


37 year-old Terrell Owens a wide receiver and Alba native, played with his team at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, before he was drafted by the San Francisco 49ers during the 1996 NFL Draft, from that time and to until 2003 Terrell played in Frisco moving to the Philadelphia Eagles on 2004- 2005, he next step was with the Dallas Cowboys where he stayed until 2008 after that he  signed with the Buffalo Bills and last year with the Cincinnati Bengals who decided not to signed him in this season.

Now as for his personal life, we know he has two sons and two daughters, Terrique, Atlin, Kylee and Dasha, and let’s not forget that three year-old he hasn’t even met because he had some issues with the toddler’s mother Samelia Miller,have Monique Reynolds Terrique’ Owens’ mother, I think I read somewhere that Terrique’s name stands for Terrell and Monique combine—> Terr-ell+Monique —> Terr+ique=Terrique. tis gorgeous little boy was born on 25th of September 1999.I And here we have our girl Melanie Paige Smith who has threaten to send Terrell into jail if he doesn’t give her $5.00 check, he hasn’t give her since August.

Who is Terrell and Melanie Paige Smith’s daughter, we know that cute little girl is  now age 5 so I guess is Kylee, the mess began in Aug. 9 at the Fulton Superior Court where Melanie filed a civil suit against for not paying her the $5.000 a month he agreed to pay for the child support of their daughter on 2007. But Terrell said that he can continue to afford those payments and he could only give her half.

Then Terrell tried to lower the child support he gives to Monique Reynolds,

“His child support payments should mirror his income today and not be based on his income from over four years ago.”

Owens was schedule to be in court on October 24th, but he never showed up, when he tried to reschedule, Monique Reynolds refused.

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