November 25, 2020

Nancy Motes is Julia Roberts’ Sister (Photos, wiki, bio, job)

Meet Nancy Motes here! Nancy Motes is Julia Roberts’ sister. This is certainly movie stuff but not something we expect from Julia Roberts in real life. She has reportedly rejected a wedding invitation from none other than her step sister Nancy Motes. Nancy is marrying John Dilbeck but her sister Julia will not be seen in a  bridesmaid dress during the wedding. Pretty woman has decided to boycott the wedding ceremony of her step sister Insiders claim  that the reason why Julia has decided to skip this wedding is because she does not approve of the choice of the husband of her little sister. She feels that John is after the money Nancy has.

Nancy Motes is Julia Roberts' Sister

It is common knowledge that it was Julia Roberts who got a job for Nancy Motes as a production assistant in the reality TV show Glee. This made Nancy move from Georgia to California. John, who is soon going to be her brother in law, worked at a Chinese restaurant panda Express at one point of time. Julia feels that she is sponging off Nancy’s money and that she will be made to cough up all the money needed for the nuptials.

Nancy Motes is Julia Roberts' Sister 2

Nancy is the daughter of Julia’s mother Betty Lou who went on to marry Michael Motes as her second husband. The two sisters have never been on the best of terms as reports of feud between them have surface several times before also. Earlier, Julia was cross with Nancy when Nancy was apparently caught taking snaps of the twins of Julia thinking that Nancy would try to make money by selling those photos. Then there were reports of Julia getting disgusted with Nancy because of her excess body weight.

Nancy Motes is Julia Roberts' Sister 3

Only time will tell if Julia will turn up at the wedding of her half sister or not.