October 28, 2020

Nanette Kinkade is painter Thomas Kinkade Wife

Meet Nanette Kinkade she is Thomas Knkade’s wife, as you all know he is the famous American painter known as the Painter of Light, died suddenly today at age 54. Find out more aboutMr. Kinkade’s wife Nanette, their family and more

Nanette Kinkade Thomas Kinkade wife daughters-photos

Thomas Kinkade went to the University of California and the Art Center College of Design, some of his mentors were Charles Bell and Glenn Wessels. In 2002 he was inducted in the California Tourism Hall of Fame, 2004 Most Award Winning Artist in the Past 25 Years, 2005 NALED Graphic Artist of the Year and Eugene Freedman Humanitarian Award.

He and his wife Nanette Kinkade got married in 1982, they have four beautiful daughter 23 year-old Merritt who studied at Azusa Pacific University and currently works as an account executive at Yelp, 20 year-old Chandler who went to Archbishop Mitty, University of San Francisco, 16 year-old Winsor and 14 year-old Everett. Nanette from Placerville, California went to El Dorado High School followed by California University in Chico. Nanette was highly involved with her husband’s Thomas Kinkade Company as well as his charity work that included Make a Wish Foundation and the Salvation Army. Nanette is a book author, she and Thomas wrote The Many Loves of Parenting, The Many Loves of Marriage, Reflections from the Heart of God, The Many Loves of Christmas, and most recently Thomas Kinkade Cookbook: A Journey of Culinary Memories published in 2006. Nanette filed for divorce 2 years ago.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Thomas Kinkade’s wife Nanette, his beloved daughters, other family members, friends and fans throughout this terrible time.

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  1. I just recently learned about the circumstances of this horrible situation…Kinkade got what was coming to him… I’m terribly sorry for the LOSS

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