February 28, 2021

Nereo Delgado Patinoran – Maria Santos Gorristieta’s Husband

The former mayor of Tiquicheo, a town located in Mexico was brutally executed after receiving a fatal blow to her head at the hands of organized crime, her body was thrown on a sideway in Michoacán’s state in western Mexico. Her second husband Nereo  Delgado Pati is nowhere to be found and authorities seem not to know if he is even alive.

taquicheo mayor

A real life heroine and most definitely a fearless woman, 36 year old Maria was always known for her strong beliefs and determination to achieve whatever she set her mind to …Can you believe she survive at least two killing attempts to her life and several death threats.

But all that never stopped her from speaking out and pointing out the deteriorated situation her country is living. He labor as a mayor always focused bravely denouncing the gruesome drug trafficking that prevails in the Mexican state of Michoacán.

She was mayor of Tiquicheo from 2008 till 2011 in which period she had to face things we wouldn’t imagine in our wildest nightmares or will only watch in a movie! One of those moments was when during an assassination attempt her husband was killed and another when a few months later an armed gang shot her while she was in the passenger seat of a car leaving her body with scars for life.

After loosing her first husband Jose, the doctor and mother of three remarried again in September 2011 to Nereo Patiño Delgado. She and Delgado met once he was named her personal escort after the almost fatal encounter she suffered.

According to Mexican news papers the couple seemed happy and joyful as they tied their lives together. To the ceremony where invited family and friends only and following Mexican traditions the couple where seen praying in front of the image of Our Lady The Virgin Mary to bring long and lasting love to the new couple. Nereo worked at the town as the Director of Rural Development in Michoacan sort of the town clerk.

Now as the tragic events have occurred resulting on her kidnap and later on her murder leaving her three children and husband Nereo Patiño; family members have revealed she was going through difficult personal issues since she had already decided to end her marriage and leave her current husband, saying the couple have had an argument just 15 days before she was taken to the hands of her executors. Something smells fishy don’t you think? Why kill her when she wasn’t even the mayor anymore and was dedicating to be a fulltime mom??!! Ohm any thoughts??! Maybe angry husband had something to do with it?! Ok, then I’ll just say things in Mexico are pretty messed up.

May her family can find some piece of mind in their loss.

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